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jeami Aug 23, 2018 781 views

Should one take advantage of Study Abroad programs?

Many claim it's a nice experience to have, however ​is it worth the expenses and traveling a far distance for a long period of time? #StudyAbroad

Adonis’s Avatar
Adonis Nov 21, 2022 539 views

What file type should I use for my online resume and how many pages should it be?

I have been wondering about these two questions for a while and would like professional answers, thank you kindly.

Erika’s Avatar
Erika Nov 16, 2022 487 views

When did you decide that this was the career you wanted?

That this was what you wanted to do for the rest of your life. #FALL2

Karlin’s Avatar
Karlin Nov 29, 2022 427 views

What can I do to land a job that I enjoy after college?

I think something that I can do is to work on myself as much as possible when studying. I believe that the more I do something the better I get, and anything that I do productively can only help me in the future.

Dylan’s Avatar
Dylan Aug 26, 2022 511 views

What's the best type of farming to go to?

I come from a family farm that does row-crop, and cow/calf operation. That's all I've ever experienced, and was just wondering if theirs something different I should try to learn more?

John’s Avatar
John May 24, 2021 716 views

what are some tips to bring exposure to your company ?

#communications #human-resources

Laura’s Avatar
Laura Apr 11, 2022 650 views

When becoming a public relations specialist, what are companies or businesses looking for?

I came across the career in public relations and it piqued my interest. I would like to know what exactly pr has to do or can do.