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Management Occupations - Computer and Mathematical Occupations
Spring, Texas
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Merlina’s Avatar
Merlina Nov 15, 2022 367 views

When is the best time for me to start looking into a career ?

My name is Merlina and I'm in high school.

Korie’s Avatar
Korie Nov 14, 2022 426 views

Where do I go to find the kind of jobs I would like?

I am in the CYSC program and I would like to have more information on where I should look when I am applying for new jobs. What search engines do you use?

Gabriel’s Avatar
Gabriel Nov 10, 2022 339 views

How might I become a mechanical engineer?

How do I make money at a very young age.

Avery’s Avatar
Avery Nov 10, 2022 409 views

College as a student who wants to be a Real Estate agent?

How difficult is it in college to become a real estate agent? Are any specific classes needed?

Alexa’s Avatar
Alexa Nov 08, 2022 371 views

Where should I start when searching for universities abroad?

Where should I start when searching for universities abroad? #Fall22

Madden’s Avatar
Madden Nov 10, 2022 523 views

How to choose a major if you are undecided?

When should you know what you want to major in?

anna’s Avatar
anna Nov 10, 2022 1274 views

What careers can you go into with an Environmental Science degree?

Just interested, I wish to have opportunities to work with animals.

Hung’s Avatar
Hung Oct 22, 2022 447 views

I don’t know what to choose between these majors?

Hi everyone. Currently, I am stuck between choosing a major in Advertisement, Entertainment & Tourism, and Public Relations. And I think it’s better to see other people’s opinions on those three majors (maybe pros and cons or anything you can share with me). I’m much thankful if I could hear...

Cristian’s Avatar
Cristian May 23, 2016 1870 views

Do Latinos have a less chance of getting a job?

Im a chemical engineering student in my senior year. Also, I'm a Mexican living in southern California. It seems that in most white collar professions are dominated by white people. No offense intended. But, does being latino lower the chances of you getting hired? #engineer #job #hire...

Max’s Avatar
Max Jun 29, 2022 939 views

How do I get into management consulting with a Big 4 Firm?

Hi! I hope you’re all well and safe. I just wanted to know what I could do now as a second semester sophomore to improve my chances of working in management consulting for a Big 4 accounting firm. Thank you!!