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Victoria LeCompte, CPA, CFE

Investigations and Forensics Senior Associate
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Alexandria, Virginia
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Liseth’s Avatar
Liseth Feb 12, 2023 756 views

Balance CPA exam and school?

How do I prepare to take the CPA exam while also studying for my Master's in Accounting?

Logan’s Avatar
Logan Jun 29, 2023 818 views

What's the best thing about consulting?

What's the best thing about consulting?

Michelle’s Avatar
Michelle May 12, 2023 903 views

When should you take the CPA Exam?

I'm a junior in high school interested in the CPA exam for a career as an accountant.

Riley’s Avatar
Riley Dec 08, 2023 742 views

How do you get started in the accounting and auditing field?

Wanting to be an accountant or auditor at some point, but not entirely sure what steps I should take to meet the quota or exceed it in regards to a secondary education.

Ayanna’s Avatar
Ayanna Jan 15 1174 views

How hard is the CPA exam?

Hi, I'm a freshman at TSU and I major in Accounting and aspire to be at CPA I want to learn as much as I possibly can because this is a huge dream of mine.

Ivana’s Avatar
Ivana Jan 12, 2023 1288 views

Does MBA in accounting help when you are also trying to get a CPA?

I will start college in September with a major in Accounting and possibly a minor in something. I want to get my CPA and I'm not sure if I should get my MBA in accounting too. Please share your journey of getting your CPA or CPA and MBA. Please include the degree level that you graduated...

Justin’s Avatar
Justin Dec 15, 2022 657 views

What is a good college to pick?

What is a good college to go to.

Monique’s Avatar
Monique Dec 12, 2022 425 views

Did you take advanced placement classes in the field of your choice?


Ryan’s Avatar
Ryan Dec 13, 2022 1752 views

What is an accountant day to day schedule like?

I am reaserching some careers and I am tasked with an assigment that I need to have someone’s day to day schedule to what its like, #300 #FRFR

Alyssa’s Avatar
Alyssa Dec 13, 2022 829 views

In your career, was there any obstacles that almost drove you away?

There are always cons to a job, but was there anything bad enough that almost made you stop what you love to do?