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Alexandria, Virginia

Within 40 mile radius
Toni’s Avatar
Toni 14 hours ago 159 views

What steps can I take to change my career at 40? Are there jobs available to me?

I have worked in early childhood education for 20 years and have a master's degree in the field. However, I am seeking a change and would appreciate some advice to help me determine my next steps.

Kayden’s Avatar
Kayden Jul 08 244 views

What career paths exist for improving supply chain infrastructure in developing countries?

My dream job is to one day help developing countries improve their supply chain infrastructure to help build economic capacity in their country. I am currently a Supply Chain Management Major and am working on obtaining a minor in French. I am looking for advice around how to pursue this goal...

Lagos’s Avatar
Lagos Jul 08 282 views

Hello what's career and how do you go about it 👋?

Hi what's career and how do one go about it

Liliana’s Avatar
Liliana Jun 28 205 views

How am I supposed to quit?

I'm a level 8 gymnast, and I've been asking my parents if I can quit for almost 3 years. but, my coach keeps telling my mom to keep me in gymnastics until I'm about 15-16 because she thinks that it's too early for me to make my decision. I've tried talking to them both about my feelings about...

Arsema’s Avatar
Arsema Jun 27 455 views

Are there any LinkedIn jobs suitable for high school students?

I've been considering searching for internships for high school students on the LinkedIn app. I'm a rising sophomore and prefer medical work, but I'm open to other opportunities. However, I haven't been able to find any internships so far. Are there any internships in my area that someone my...

Sophia’s Avatar
Sophia Jun 27 258 views

Are there any volunteer opportunities for high school students (Northern Virginia area) under the age of 16, in hospitals, health centers, or physical therapy/sports med offices?

I have seen multiple volunteer opportunities in INOVA, but they are 16+. The only under 16 one I have seen is in Sentara but it is a little far. I am looking for opportunities in the Fairfax area, but maybe as far as Reston.

Mayda’s Avatar
Mayda Jun 24 330 views

How do i start my own marketing business, that I would later in life like to be able to travel around the world and growing my own firm, and eventually having a team.?

How do i start my own marketing business, that I would later in life like to be able to travel around the world and growing my own firm, and eventually having a team.

Tasnin’s Avatar
Tasnin Jun 20 397 views

What classes should I take in high school if I want to become a lawyer, dental hygienist, or ultrasound technician?

I am going to be an 11th grader this upcoming school year and I was wondering what classes I should take if I wanted to become a lawyer, dental hygienist, or ultrasound technician. I am unsure which profession I would like to go into but these are definitely my top choices. I wanted to know...

Akshobya’s Avatar
Akshobya Jun 19 315 views

How should one approach the college supplemental essays compared to the personal statement?

Applying to college with common app

scarlette’s Avatar
scarlette Jun 12 286 views

what is the best college n my vicinity?

college tips

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scarlette Jun 12 321 views

what is the time to get college admissions?

admission tips

Michelle’s Avatar
Michelle Jun 09 241 views

How can I find small scholarships in my area ?

How do I find small scholarships in my area? Most of the large websites for scholarships are very competitive. I always see advice to find smaller scholarships, where can I find them?

Safiyah’s Avatar
Safiyah Jun 07 1409 views

UI design question

i just got my bachelor's degree in graphic design and I want to be a ui designer. I was wondering wheres the best companies that hire junior ui designers

Maria Jose’s Avatar
Maria Jose Jun 04 661 views

Which will be a good start as a entry level civil Engineer with not much experience?

I studied civil Engineer in Colombia, I worked there for one year as an inspector in a residential project, after that I came to the states to be an Au Pair, but now I am ready to go back in my field. After 2 years break I feel it can be difficult to start again, so I will like some advice...

Lim’s Avatar
Lim Jun 03 1693 views

E-commerce Asset Manager Questions (Entering into the Career Path).

Hello. I'm a undergraduate sophomore, seeking advice from E-commerce Professionals familiar with Taxonomy, or Information Architecture roles. I'm considering Digital Asset Management. I saw job titles that range from Performance Strategy, E-Commerce Merchandiser, E-Commerce Manager, or...

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