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Alexandria, Virginia

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Adeyinka’s Avatar
Adeyinka yesterday 118 views

How to become a Software progammer?

i am a 13 year old seventh grader and i being learning how to code but i do not know what course to study, so i am wondering if you can help me with that

John’s Avatar
John Nov 27 63 views

Why is it hard to find a job that hires 15 year olds?

Im super curious on why jobs say that they have a minimum requirement of people aged 16 when 14 & 15 year olds are legally allowed to get hired with paperwork.

Fikayo’s Avatar
Fikayo Nov 20 63 views

How do you study? I really don't know how.

In my school were just starting to have to study for tests and other things and I know how to read my notes over, but I don't know an effective way to study.

cami’s Avatar
cami Nov 17 68 views

What is a day like in the medical field ?

I am interested. in exploring this area and I'm wondering what its like in your case.

Shayan’s Avatar
Shayan Nov 09 56 views

Is medicine worth it?

Is the 11 years of schooling and student debt worth the salary of being a doctor?

Maria’s Avatar
Maria Nov 09 58 views

How can you organize your time while working-studying?

I recently got into college and I'm anxious that I won't be able to organize my time

sarah’s Avatar
sarah Oct 28 108 views

do you have to pay student loans while going to college

Do you have to pay student loans in college, also do you have to provide your own furniture? and when should you get your books??

Ryan’s Avatar
Ryan Oct 27 90 views

What's the process towards becoming a good personal trainer?

I'm looking into becoming a personal trainer as soon as I graduate highschool; however, the process to becoming one seems a bit complex for me, especially as someone whose going into it young. I'd greatly appreciate any tips and advice. Thanks!

Khadijah’s Avatar
Khadijah Oct 24 209 views

What strategies and approaches have you found most effective in achieving long-term career growth and success in your field, and how have you balanced personal and professional development to attain your future goals?

In my experience, the key to long-term career growth and success has been a combination of continuous learning and building a strong professional network. Staying updated on industry trends and acquiring new skills through courses, workshops, or conferences has been essential. Additionally,...

Devran’s Avatar
Devran Oct 20 106 views

What is the best type of business to start after dropping out of school??

8th grade.
Currently learning Web Development full stack.

makafui’s Avatar
makafui Oct 15 68 views

Do you know of any scholarships that do not involve essay writing?

- Do I have to get a good score on the sat to get into a good college?
- Does it matter if I attend a community college?

Fikayo’s Avatar
Fikayo Oct 08 67 views

I am in middle school, and I want to be a lawyer when I grow up. What could I do to support that, or help me in the future?

I am in middle school. I don't know what to do.

choudelie’s Avatar
choudelie Oct 08 182 views

What major to decide?

For someone who started college with interest in business management and information systems, in todays society which path should they lean more towards?

Vee’s Avatar
Vee Oct 04 59 views

why do you want to do after high school?

is there a college you want to go.

Alivia’s Avatar
Alivia Oct 03 153 views

Any artists willing to be interviewed?

I have a school project and part of it is interviewing someone from my chosen field. I want to be a fine artist, and would appreciate it if any fine artists/artists in general would be willing to answer my questions. If you are able to, please answer the following questions. Thanks in advance!...

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