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Ayden Jan 16, 2018 1422 views

I am interested in Computer Science. However, there are many directions you can go within that major. How should I narrow my major down to be more specific?

Trying to determine best major/minor or combination to give me the most career opportunities and flexibility.

#information-technology #computer-science #choosing-a-major #choosing-a-career

Brandon’s Avatar
Brandon Feb 14, 2017 1000 views

How would I help implement my Microsoft abilities into a career in business?

I am currently earning my degree in Information Systems Technology but am planning in going into the business part of IT. Also, I am earning my Microsoft certifications - going for the MOS Master certificate. #information-technology #business-intelligence #microsoft-office #presentations...

Arthur ’s Avatar
Arthur Sep 20, 2016 2329 views

What is the difference between a web designer and a web developer?

I'm more curious as I'm not sure which one is which most of the time. #college #computer #information-technology #web-design #web-development #internet-technology

Blessed Joshua ’s Avatar
Blessed Joshua Jun 02, 2016 1595 views

What's the best way to gain Computer Science experience, without any experience at all?

I am a first year Computer Science Major #computer-science #technology #software #programming #computer-engineering #programmer #development #google

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Alec Jun 04, 2016 2605 views

What does job security look like in the technology field?

I am looking into computer science and technology systems but I was curious how secure these fields are. I do not want to have a job where there is a constant risk that I may be laid off. I want to make sure that I have a secure position within the field.

Alec’s Avatar
Alec Jun 04, 2016 1223 views

Is it necessary to become efficicent using Microsoft Office to make your college career easier?

I know that there are different majors in college and I was curious about how often Office will be used throughout college. I used word sometimes during high school but it was different because we were in a classroom. Should I familiarize myself with all the programs such as, Word, Power...

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Alden May 25, 2016 932 views

What is the best part about studying abroad?

I am interested in studying abroad in college. #science #biology #education #research #chemistry #studying

Kylie’s Avatar
Kylie May 28, 2016 1105 views

Advice for a Computer Science Major?

Hey! I'm going to be majoring in computer science very soon, and I've received a lot of mixed messages from people- either they're begging me to turn around and never look back because it's awful, or that majoring in this field was the greatest decision of their lives, with very little in...

Kylie’s Avatar
Kylie May 28, 2016 1374 views

What kind of laptop would be the best for a Computer Science Major?

Hi! I'm going to be majoring in CS, but I still have a few years before I go off to college- therefore, I need something that will still be relevant and is able to update to the new software necessary for what I'll be doing in CS over the next few years. I won't be using it for gaming, so...