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Michael Branham

Retired 40 plus years Officer to Chief (Director/Constable, as well).
Peoria, Arizona
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Emmaleigh Jul 31 115 views

What is the environment like being in law enforcement?

Is the environment good or bad?

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Tim Jul 25 54 views

How often should i workout to get into the police force and stay in shape for soccer?

How often should i workout to get into the police force. i go around 5 times per week. but i also cant get too big otherwise it can affect my sport. any ideas?

aida’s Avatar
aida Jul 08 144 views

how do I become a politician? how do I sign up for the CIA?

yes I'm only 14 but I've always wanted to work for the USA in the government system coming from me who's a Latina with immigrant parents I want to succeed in life I want to work as an undercover agent but what first steps should I take? what highschool classes should I take and how do I start...

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Tanya Jun 30 124 views

Is it really possible to get hired as a full-time corrections officer with no high school diploma or work experience of any kind?

Is this really an option for a full-time position with benefits?

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CareerVillage Office Hours Jun 28 108 views

Becoming a police officer doesn’t require a college degree - so I don’t need one, right? ?

Note: this question is part of our professionals series where volunteers share questions they wish they saw on the platform

Sylvia’s Avatar
Sylvia May 21 124 views

Im going into hight school and i to learn how to be a police and how to do it and study also the work out so i could prepare?

If you have any tips or advice

Pablo’s Avatar
Pablo May 15 77 views

How long did you have to train?, What was your motivation?

what is something that you have to be a police officer

Connor’s Avatar
Connor May 15 157 views

Is law enforcement worth it?

Im in 9th grade and trying to decide what specialty program to take is working in law enforcement fun and exciting? Is it a dynamic environment that feels rewarding?

Nathan’s Avatar
Nathan May 09 74 views

Where Should I go to become successful in law enforcement in Massachusetts?

I would like to become a police officer in MA but not sure where the best place to go for it is.

Autumn’s Avatar
Autumn May 01 195 views

Is it hard to become an investigator/detective without previously being a cop? And what majors would be beneficial for pursuing this career?

I know that a lot of investigators are or were police and worked to rank up to that position. I want to go into his field without joining the police. As for majors, I know criminal justice and law are good starts but what about psychology? Other than this career, I would love to go into...

Karen’s Avatar
Karen Apr 23 261 views

What can I do with a public administration major?

I’m planning on majoring in public Administration to become involved in the government does this major help with become a police officer and advancing my career?

Frederick’s Avatar
Frederick Apr 17 143 views

What would I have to do to pursue being a detective?

I've recently noticed my interest in problem solving , mystery's. I've also noticed my decent analytical skills and thought about becoming some sort of detective or lawyer down the road when wondering what should I do with my life

Jerry’s Avatar
Jerry Apr 12 119 views

how do i approach getting a job during high school in San Francisco ?

who should i ask for help in high school to get a first job and if i want to get started and how should i write a resume and i how can i get started in my first day

Charlize’s Avatar
Charlize Apr 10 159 views

when it comes to becoming a police officer how many ranks do you move up to become a chef and is there a certain age limit that you can be in a police station If i don’t like my position as a police officer and want to become something else in the criminal justice field is that process easy or is it like a whole thing with college credits that i may have to go back to school to get? ?

police to detective

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Ashlyn Oct 03, 2018 1744 views

I want to be a police officer or a police dispatcher but I have asthma. What one would be better to go into

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