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Noelia’s Avatar
Noelia Sep 21, 2023 325 views

How many years does it take to become a pediatrician ?

how many years of college is it to have a degree in pediatrics?

James’s Avatar
James Sep 18, 2023 271 views

How tough is medical school?

How tough is medical school? I’ve been skeptic about going here, not just a price, but how difficult it is. Is it really that difficult? I’m up for any challenge, but I am not good with sleepless nights.

Toryana’s Avatar
Toryana Jul 21, 2023 309 views

What should I major in after high school to prepare me to go into medical school?

I really enjoy working with kids at my local daycare center and that’s how I came to the idea I wanted to take care of kids, and become a doctor. More specifically a pediatrician. And I just want to know what I need to major in after high school to achieve my goal.

Madilyn’s Avatar
Madilyn Sep 10, 2023 418 views

WHo can I find a career for me when I can't even think of what I want to be?

How can I find a career for me when I can't even think of what I want to be? I am extremely clueless. I am interested in something in the medical field.

Lily’s Avatar
Lily Sep 07, 2023 847 views

What should I start doing in middle school if I want to become an anesthesiologist?

What should I start doing in middle school (8th grade) if I want to become an anesthesiologist? What high-school credits are essential? I already have algebra 1, geometry, and English 1.

Raine’s Avatar
Raine Sep 02, 2023 380 views

When do you know the med field is for you?

I want to do something in the medical field, but im scared that maybe im not good enough to actually do it. Its really interesting to me but what if I try and it doesnt work.

Andrea’s Avatar
Andrea Sep 02, 2023 2480 views

Which major should I choose for undergrad if I want to become a surgeon?

Should I go for pre-med or just biology/chemistry degrees? What are the steps it takes to become a surgeon? Is it the same as being a regular physician?

Furthermore, are there things I'm supposed to be doing in undergrad if I want to become a surgeon?

Thank you for answering my questions!

Carla’s Avatar
Carla Sep 02, 2023 456 views

What is a surgeon?why is a surgeon so helpful? And how can I become a surgeon?

I want to become a surgeon but I don't know how to start now that I am even closer to end my high school am not sure we're to start

Hema’s Avatar
Hema Aug 28, 2023 472 views

what is the hardest thing about studying medicine and what advice do you have for students aspiring to be doctors?

i want to be a doctor but my biggest fear is that medical school will be too much for me to handle

Tiffany’s Avatar
Tiffany Aug 30, 2023 7120 views

Can I go to medical school without studying pre-med in college?

I'm an 11th grade high school student who is interested in the medical field.

Haley’s Avatar
Haley Jul 02, 2023 275 views

How hard is it to get into medical school??

I currently in high school and aspire to be a doctor one day.

diana’s Avatar
diana Aug 23, 2023 275 views

what does it take to be pediatric?

how much schooling what's the pay and expenses.

Samaya’s Avatar
Samaya Aug 24, 2023 333 views

What type of classes should I take in highschool to bring prepare me for medical school?

I’m a freshman and may be interested in medicine

Noel’s Avatar
Noel Aug 24, 2023 359 views

How much work is put in to become a surgeon?

How many years of school is it? What are the main requirements needed? How hard of a job is it?

Kindall’s Avatar
Kindall Aug 16, 2023 463 views

How do you know where to start in becoming a doctor ? What effects does it put on someone’s mental health?

Health care, art, design, helping people