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Sadia May 20 141 views

How should I approch dentists to shadow?

How should I approach dentists to shadow? I want to apply to dental schools and I am in college doing undergrad. I have no prior experience in the dental field. #spring24

Kelly’s Avatar
Kelly May 03 210 views

How to find colleges that will help me for my future career goal on being a dentist?

Im not sure how to achieve this goal, so I need help since im in high school and taking AP bio to help me advance to my goal. But im not sure if I need to take more science courses in high school?

Ifra’s Avatar
Ifra Apr 24 388 views

What major is best to take before dental school and why exactly ?

Currently in high school, 11th grade.

ava’s Avatar
ava Mar 08 385 views

why would it take so many years to become a doctor?

is it just a lot of work in general or is it studies and mentoring and finding other ways to better youself.

Princess’s Avatar
Princess Feb 16 701 views

How flexible can the dentist schedule be?

I am a 10th grade high school student and I am inserested in being a Dentist.

Asiyah’s Avatar
Asiyah Nov 14, 2023 702 views

How long do you have to go to school for to be a dental hygienist or dentist?

I want to go to dental school but how long will that take?

caden’s Avatar
caden Nov 12, 2023 1075 views

How would I choose between being a engineer and being a doctor if im most likely going to be doing engineer in high school ?

I'm most likely going to do a engineering class in high school.

Fernanda’s Avatar
Fernanda Oct 03, 2023 450 views

What is the worst part of becoming a orthodontist?

Hey I’m a middle school student in Arizona I’m interested in becoming an orthodontist. I was wanting to know what it was like on day a day basis being an orthodontist? What are the challenges you have faced in the career?

Binadi’s Avatar
Binadi Aug 12, 2023 607 views

Dental school vs Med school?

I am stuck between choosing to go to dental school or med school. I don't really like the architectural side of dentistry but it is easier to study and it doesn't take long. I do like medicine and I am interested in learning and helping people but it takes a while and I hear doctors have...

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah Aug 19, 2023 280 views

How saturated is the cosmetic dentistry field?

Do a lot of people work in the cosmetic dentistry field?

Micah’s Avatar
Micah Aug 09, 2023 379 views

What course should one take in junior year for dentistry?

What course do you have to take on high school, if you are on the edge of pursuing dentistry ? What could you consider to take junior or senior year?