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Jacob Sandage

Correctional Specialist
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Camp Pendleton North, California
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Oscar Feb 27 221 views

How can I be more responsible when I am going in for work as a Correction Officer?

I am in 8th grade and I like to wrestle.

Oscar’s Avatar
Oscar Feb 27 352 views

How can I be more strict to be better prepared when I become a Correction Officer?

I am in 8th grade and I would like to be a Correction Officer.

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Griffin Mar 22 199 views

What is your least favorite part about being a linemen?

I am in 10th grade and interested in becoming a lineman.

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Kennedy Mar 23 295 views

Is the Earth flat?

Earth is our home planet. Scientists believe Earth and its moon formed around the same time as the rest of the solar system. They think that was about 4.5 billion years ago. Earth is the fifth-largest planet in the solar system. Its diameter is about 8,000 miles. And Earth is the third-closest...

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Devin Mar 24 308 views

How should I start a career?

I need career advice

Aiden’s Avatar
Aiden Mar 06 158 views

Why did you choose the Marines?

Im looking into the marines and just want some advice on basic training and what helped you get through it.

Partrick’s Avatar
Partrick Mar 10 460 views

What time do i need to start work ?

How can i overcome challenges

Zaybriel’s Avatar
Zaybriel Mar 22 186 views

Does the job of a police officer have mental and physical stress, how hard is it to make those stressful decisions?

I would like to know how the body and the mind react to the stress

John’s Avatar
John Mar 08 457 views

How do I prepare for ASVAB TESTING ?

I'm heading into the airforce and I'd like to be prepared.

Aiden’s Avatar
Aiden Mar 12 270 views

How hard is it to finish basic training?

Im looking to start basic training right after graduation and I wanna know how hard it really is from a first hand source.

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Pamela Mar 23 481 views

what is the best source to learn programming?

i want to learn java ? any advice