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ESL and Spanish Teacher | E-Learning Instructional Designer
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Atlanta, Georgia
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Micayla’s Avatar
Micayla May 18, 2016 906 views

Are there a lot of teaching abroad opportunities available to teachers once they get their degree?

I am interested in going abroad but I am afraid that with being a teacher I will not have all the opportunities that someone from a different career might have. #teaching #teacher #principal

Ajayshia’s Avatar
Ajayshia May 21, 2016 823 views

Is it hard teaching in a different country?

Because I want to travel and teach in different countries. #teaching #teacher #asia-pacific #different-cultures #eastern-europe

Brittiany’s Avatar
Brittiany Oct 19, 2016 833 views

What is the best part about being a teacher?

i think being a teacher would be fun #teaching #education

Brushawn’s Avatar
Brushawn Aug 31, 2017 777 views

How do you feel about education being free to all people rich or poor?

I'm asking this question because I believe that having knowledge is power and people should be able to access getting a free education.

#free #education

Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel Sep 01, 2017 632 views

What field of education is the best to pursue?

There are different areas to specialize in like elementary vs high school vs ESE

Meri’s Avatar
Meri Sep 01, 2017 632 views

In the field of Special Education, should I receive my bachelors degree and begin teaching or get my Masters Degree before teaching

I would like to begin teaching right after my bachelors degree to help me start earning money to pay back college loans, but I heard that it is difficult to teach and work on your masters degree at the same time. #special-education

Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia Sep 01, 2017 745 views

What can I do to help myself stand out to a prospective employer once I am finished with college?

Most people applying for a teaching position will be qualified as per their education, so I'd like to know what I can do to give myself something extra that may give me a better chance at getting a teaching position.


Chun’s Avatar
Chun Mar 15, 2017 693 views

Which universities accept foreign students to study medicine ?

The following sentences are taken from Government of Canada "Can I choose any program of study I want at a Canadian institution? You have access to most of them, but not all. Some are “closed” or subject to quotas (as is the case in Medicine, Physiotherapy, Dentistry and...

ye’s Avatar
ye May 30, 2017 719 views

How to improve my English in a short time

I don't need the summary answer like"do more reading""handing home work on time". I need something detailed. #language

Brian’s Avatar
Brian May 30, 2017 1034 views

What are some recommended summer activities that I can do over the summer to show my interest in the Pharmaceutical Sciences field?

As a high school student, I have always wanted to pursue in the medical field. However, I am leaning more on the chemistry aspect, rather than biology (though I want to do both). So I figured that the best option for me is pharmaceutical sciences. The problem now I am having is deciding what...

Megan’s Avatar
Megan May 18, 2016 1151 views

What is the highest degree you can get for being an educator?

i want to be a teacher #teaching #teacher #teacher-training

Laiz’s Avatar
Laiz Apr 15, 2017 1798 views

Should I wait a few years before starting an MBA program?

I will be graduating this semester and am thinking about graduate school. The school I currently attend has a bridge program that would allow me to complete my MBA in two semesters (option expires after 5 years). While all this is great, I have been told that getting out into the workforce to...

Nikki’s Avatar
Nikki Feb 10, 2017 704 views

What are some of the benefits of teaching?

I need to make sure there are good benefits. #teaching

Ursula’s Avatar
Ursula Apr 09, 2017 953 views

Is it harder to get jobs being international?

I moved to Canada to study and I plan on working here, but I'm originally from Brazil. I know that Canada is very accepting, but I was wondering if there are any problems with getting a job being international. #international #film-production #editing #video-editing #audio-post-production

Katlyn’s Avatar
Katlyn Feb 10, 2017 947 views

Do you like teaching ?

Why or why not ? #teaching