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Talia Jackson, PMP, CSM

Adoption Program Manager at Okta, Inc.
Management Occupations - Computer and Mathematical Occupations
Roseville, California
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Chinedu’s Avatar
Chinedu Oct 25, 2023 1565 views

How do you become an orthodontist?

I am a freshman in high school, I want to be an orthodontist when I grow up, and I want to know the process.


Logan’s Avatar
Logan Oct 25, 2023 362 views

What should i do if i want a job rn?

what do i do

Davina’s Avatar
Davina Oct 25, 2023 558 views

Is becoming a neurosurgeon a good career choice?

I've been looking into it however I'm not really sure if it's what I want to do for a living due to the time I would be required to be in school and how the healthcare industry works.

Grant’s Avatar
Grant Oct 25, 2023 328 views

Baseball Questions?

How do get out of a fielding slump in baseball? (I'm not in one just asking for future)

Elizabeth’s Avatar
Elizabeth Oct 24, 2023 274 views

What kind of benefits are there in security?

Would I get better health insurance.

Kenyi’s Avatar
Kenyi Oct 25, 2023 289 views

What is the best way to study for being a medical assistant ?

Trainee at Job Corps making this his Career field for a while!

Ena’s Avatar
Ena Mar 25, 2017 956 views

Do you think project management and information system is good major?

Now i am finance undergraduate, i find the master program which i think interesting. I hope to work in TMT group of investment banking. #stem

Theresa’s Avatar
Theresa May 17, 2017 926 views

How to comopose/write music without going ti school

I want to learn more music however I dont have the money or grades to go to school for it. So What are some tips on self teaching music composers/writers? Like apps, computer programs,books or places to learn for free? #music #art

Devetra’s Avatar
Devetra May 17, 2017 1468 views

What is the purpose of a green screen?

Always wanted to know #film-production #meteorologist

Aldo’s Avatar
Aldo May 18, 2017 1166 views

I have a passion for technology ,but i don't really know which path i should take ?

I find myself stuck not knowing what should i study. Im 24yr old i work for a beauty product distribution company, I have a passion for technology but at the same time i want to study something that will give me the opportunity to start up my business. I dont know which path i should take...

Devetra’s Avatar
Devetra May 18, 2017 1907 views

How can you improve your Public speaking?

Had a public speaking class but still not confident #public-speaking

Ena’s Avatar
Ena Mar 18, 2017 958 views

How to keep confidence to study?

After midterm, accounting and project management hurts me a lot. #study