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Azra H.’s Avatar
Azra H. Mar 17, 2014 891 views

Does the tuition of private colleges cover meal plans and room&board

I am interested in attending a private school #college...


Azra H.’s Avatar
Azra H. Mar 18, 2014 796 views

Is it hard finding a job in college?

With school and studying, is it hard to find a job that can cover your needs? Do jobs higher many college students?...


Melissa S.’s Avatar
Melissa S. Mar 26, 2014 1140 views

is It Hard to balance a job and high school at the same time?

I dont play sports of any kind i'm in high school and wondering if having a job may feel like i would fall behind in my classes #job...


Denice L.’s Avatar
Denice L. Jan 19, 2018 566 views

How can I speed up the process of becoming a doctor?

I would really like to be a doctor but do not want to be in school for another 4 years and then at least 3 years of residency....


Jeff H.’s Avatar
Jeff H. Mar 19, 2014 1004 views

Is it easy to get a job within your college?

For example, I love sports, so I was wondering if it was easy to get a job within the Athletic Department of my University? #college #jobs #sports #college-jobs...


Clarissa V.’s Avatar
Clarissa V. Mar 17, 2014 794 views

What are some good colleges if i want to major in sports medicine

im really interested in sports and things in the medical field and i would really like to work with athletes #medicine #sports #athletics...


Sarah W.’s Avatar
Sarah W. Jan 21, 2018 392 views

Is it better to take AP or Honors courses?

I have consistently been receiving B's in AP Chemistry, and for future reference, is it better to take an Honors Course and receive an A, or an AP Course and receive a B? I know colleges love AP courses, but is it worth it to sacrifice hours in an AP class I am not particularly interested in...

#college-admissions #apclasses

Melissa S.’s Avatar
Melissa S. Mar 17, 2014 814 views

do i need to know math really well if i wanna work as a cashier

im not sure if you need to be good at it or no...


Madison B.’s Avatar
Madison B. Sep 01, 2017 689 views

What does being a book editor entail?

I know I want to be incorporated in the book industry. First I thought about being a writer but now I've moved towards editing. Being able to help the books that move so many people and change peoples lives, come to fruition would be amazing. I would want to focus on fiction novels. What I...

#books #career-opportunity-and-preparation #editor

Derek Y.’s Avatar
Derek Y. Jan 16, 2018 421 views

Is IB worth taking?

There's both International Baccalaureate (IB) and AP at my school, I was wondering which one would be the best for colleges and which ones would be the best to take. #business #ap #ib...


Melissa S.’s Avatar
Melissa S. Mar 17, 2014 8859 views

what would you need to know if you want to work in a clothing store

what would you need to know if you want to work in a store...


Kendra L.’s Avatar
Kendra L. May 20, 2016 340 views

How can I get a good grade in organic chemistry?

I want to do well in my classes so I want advise....


Sarah W.’s Avatar
Sarah W. Jan 21, 2018 299 views

How do you succeed in Musical Theatre college dance auditions?

I have always loved to sing and act, and feel confident in both of those areas, but dance auditions terrify me. I have recently began to dance, and feel like I am improving greatly, but my lack of experience is scaring me. I would like more information on musical theatre dance auditions so I...

#musical-theatre #dance

Shue T.’s Avatar
Shue T. May 18, 2016 474 views

How hard is it to create a business?

I am planning on creating my own business someday during college to pay for my college tuition and fund for my hobby. Although most of the people I know or talked to doesn't really explain the process of creating a business. So I'm curious as to how hard it is to create a business? How do you...


Jeff H.’s Avatar
Jeff H. Mar 21, 2014 30312 views

Do you have classes everyday in college?

I know you get to choose your classes, but do you get to choose what days you go to the class? #colleges...


Anna M.’s Avatar
Anna M. Jan 18, 2018 322 views

Can I intern for a tech company at 16?

I really want to intern this summer and I was wondering if there are any tech companies that I could intern for. I'll be turning 16 in the middle of June. #tech #technology #information-technology...


kacey L.’s Avatar
kacey L. Oct 23, 2016 1866 views

To become a Dentist, would a major in biochemistry be the best fit?

I'm an incoming college freshman in 2017 and was wondering what major would work best for my field of study. #dentistry #dentist #dental-hygienist #dental #dental-hygiene #dental-practice...


Corban Y.’s Avatar
Corban Y. May 27, 2016 1238 views

Is it possible to have major in Music and still be accepted into Medical? If so, would it be possible to double major and pass the MCAT?

I love playing my clarinet in Band; however, Band takes up much of my time after school and on the weekends. I fear that in college and universities, band will take up even more of my time. I want to be a doctor, but I don't know if i could still major in music while doing so. #doctor #medicine...

#music #majors #health

Irieanna  M.’s Avatar
Irieanna M. Oct 23, 2016 703 views

What majors should I take in college if I want to be a anesthesiologist?

I am a sophomore in high school and am confused on what I should major in if I want to be a anesthesiologist. #medicine #biology...


Denice L.’s Avatar
Denice L. Jan 19, 2018 211 views

What should I be doing during my senior year of high school to prepare for medical school?

I would like to go to medical school in the future to become a doctor....


Bellissima A.’s Avatar
Bellissima A. Mar 04, 2018 228 views

What majors are good for people who want to become doctors?

I am a high school senior and am deciding on a major. I know I want to work as either a doctor or a surgeon but am not sure whether to study under biochemistry, microbiology, or something else. #medicine #major #college-major #choosing-a-major...


William B.’s Avatar
William B. Mar 17, 2014 836 views

What schools in, or near, the San Francisco Bay Area would be good for pursuing a career as a MRI or Radiology technician?

I am looking to pursue this career and I live in San Jose. I would like to live near my family, and commuting is definitely an option....


Alanna O.’s Avatar
Alanna O. Jan 17, 2018 228 views

At what point in your college experience is it best to confirm your major?

I like many other high schoolers am not 100% confident of the career I want to pursue yet, but I also do not want to end up spending any extreme time in college than I must. I am afraid that if I do not go in with a set plan, I will not be able to finish in four years. #undecided #whentodecide...


Yekaterina Z.’s Avatar
Yekaterina Z. Jan 16, 2018 373 views

Do employers care whether I earned my degree from a four-year or a community college?

I'm trying to understand whether employers place a lot of emphasis on where a potential employee get their degree. I want to save money by transferring from a community college to a four-year, but I'm worried it may cheapen my profile when I start looking for a career. I have commonly heard the...

#save #employers #transfer #help #degree #publicvsprivate

Sean G.’s Avatar
Sean G. Mar 18, 2014 1029 views

Is it hard to change your career?

I am interested in becoming a journalist, or a geneticist, or a veterinarian, or... You get the point. I have a lot ot career ideas, but none I am too sure about. I am wondering, if I try to become a journalist, and later on I don't like it, is changing careers hard?...


Bellissima A.’s Avatar
Bellissima A. Mar 04, 2018 196 views

Where is the best place to live as a doctor?

I'm from California but am considering moving somewhere there are more job opportunities. Any suggestions? #doctor...


Kristina G.’s Avatar
Kristina G. May 11, 2016 703 views

What are the risks and benefits of dedicating 8 years to law school?

I've always excelled proficiently in English, since I was born in Ukraine and gained a bilingual advantage, but I've fallen in love with all things government during the course of my Advanced Placement Government course this semester (my last in high school). I was looking for some advice on...

#law #legal #criminal-justice #congress #justice

Kenna W.’s Avatar
Kenna W. May 10, 2016 548 views

What are some different medical specializations (or types of doctors) that involve reproduction, babies, or helping people have children?

I'm very interested in reproduction and helping people have children, but the only career option I'm familiar with is OB/GYN. #doctor #medicine #pre-med #babies...


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