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Isabelle’s Avatar
Isabelle Aug 28, 2018 1025 views

What is the best field in accounting to go into?

I want to be an accountant but I don't know what type of accountant I want to be. I plan on getting my CPA, but you have to have that for most accounting jobs. I like numbers and the order of things. #accountant #accounting

Andy’s Avatar
Andy Aug 14, 2018 1450 views

With continued advances in technology, how often do accountants learn new software to do their job? What are some of the most common ones currently used?

#job #accounting #technology #excel #computers

Madison’s Avatar
Madison Aug 14, 2018 1101 views

What should I prepare myself for if I intend on going into accounting as a career?

#career #accounting #career-development

Ty’s Avatar
Ty Aug 15, 2018 1246 views

When thinking about Accounting, would it be better to begin as a public accountant?

#accounting #public accountant #economics #communication

Jack’s Avatar
Jack Apr 11, 2018 899 views

What is an accountants day and weekly work schedule like?

I want to know how demanding the job is. #accounting

Victoria’s Avatar
Victoria Apr 17, 2018 1652 views

What are the greatest challenges of women in accounting?

I have taken interest to major in accounting. I hear many things on how women are discriminated against in certain career fields and majors. For example, not many engineers are women, or doctors should be men. Both of which statements that I disagree with. That leads me to ask about how are...

Tayla’s Avatar
Tayla Mar 25, 2018 1720 views

How do I obtain my CPA?

I want to major in accounting and I do not know what route to go about inorder to obtain my CPA license. #accounting #cpa

Tayla’s Avatar
Tayla Mar 25, 2018 1210 views

If I get a Bachelor's degree in accounting, do I have to attend Graduate school?

I want to major in Accounting and I was wondering if I had to attend graduate school even if my major is just accounting.#accounting #graduate-school

A’s Avatar
A May 21, 2016 1355 views

What type of activities and internships should I do in college?

What type of extracurricular activities and internships should I do in college that will help me in pursuing a career in accounting and finance? I am certain in doing volunteer work, because I enjoy helping others. However, I also want to take on the opportunity to do activities that will help...

Ayomide ’s Avatar
Ayomide Mar 30, 2017 1140 views

What are the benefits of going on to receive my MBA in Accounting?

Accounting student at Towson university #accounting

Arturo’s Avatar
Arturo Jan 16, 2018 3297 views

How is the CPA exam?

I was just wondering if someone can tell me what is the CPA exam like #accounting #cpa

Ayomide ’s Avatar
Ayomide Mar 14, 2017 1262 views

How does a master degree affect your career and pay?

Accounting student at Towson university #accounting

Ayomide ’s Avatar
Ayomide Mar 30, 2017 1169 views

What is the difference between a certified public accountant, a public accountant, and an "accountant"?

Accounting student at Towson university #accounting

Elizabeth’s Avatar
Elizabeth Jan 26, 2018 1074 views

What kind of attire should I wear to an interview? A dress or formal shirt and pants?

Don't know what people in a interview would find more like-able as for style.
#interview #formal #pants #clothes

Devetra’s Avatar
Devetra Dec 02, 2017 1227 views

Does your major and minor have to be similar in nature?

Thinking about choosing a minor in a different field as my major. #college-minor #college-major #college #choosing-a-major