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Táo Tāo’s Avatar
Táo Feb 20, 2015 8495 views

Too good to be true opportunity? Java training and job placement.

I found on a posting looking for Java/Android developer trainees. They almost cover anything including free training(5-7weeks), accommodation, seemingly 100% job placement(with 70K+ first year salary), seemingly H1B visa and Green Card sponsorship. This sounds too good to be true to...

Cristian ’s Avatar
Cristian Jan 26, 2015 2302 views

How do you become a buisness man?

Just in general how do you become a business man?
where do you get the money to start your business?
Where do you find a job that has to do with what you like to do?
#management #entrepreneurship #manager #buisness #field-work #owner

Amara’s Avatar
Amara Jan 20, 2015 31038 views

What major should I study if I want to work in non-profit organizations?

I mostly want to work with the homeless population . #non-profit #worker

Thu’s Avatar
Thu Dec 16, 2014 12372 views

What steps should I take in high school to prepare for a Computer Science major in college?

Hi! I'm interested in majoring in Comp Sci once I enter college, and I'd really love to get started on preparing for that journey as soon as possible. As a high school junior, I'd like to know if there are any steps I should take now to be prepared for college, specifically as a Computer...