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Eamonn Jan 16, 2018 557 views

How hard can it be to get a career in a field unrelated to your major?

I'm looking forward to college and studying Biology (or Geology) and writing/communication. I'm gonna play music and two sports on the side, work a job, hang out with friends, and pretty much whale away at my future without a shred of a plan. Ok, so I'm kidding about that last part, but I...

Marina’s Avatar
Marina Jan 20, 2018 543 views

Will I make a difference by working as a scientist in NASA?

In a male dominated fields such as NASA, I want to be a leader in this area. I feel working in space exploration will help solve many of the problems on earth by discovery of new resources and providing greater world security. I want to be part of the future in exploring new world...

Thayliz’s Avatar
Thayliz Feb 07, 2020 399 views

what does it take to be certain in your carrer

im the type of person where at first im really into doing something i put my mind to but then as time goes on and tough challenges arise the feelings change and i can completely withdraw all the passion i once had for that something . #career #job #business

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Therizo Feb 11, 2020 274 views

1.What are the things that you're struggle about your jobs?

I want to know what things that i'm gonna struggle with. #job

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Vanessa Mar 23, 2018 558 views

Why are there so few strong female role models outside of hollywood?


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carmyn Sep 23, 2019 376 views

is business management an enjoyable field?

#entrepreneur #business #management #college-major

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Zujey Feb 14, 2020 1331 views

How do you manage stressful situations?

#business #management

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Sammy Sep 16, 2019 524 views

Does sales jobs in the airline industry require travel ?

I am thinking of studying marketing at university. I have thought of working at an airline in sales. Do they get to travel? If I got a corporate job doing sales for an airliner, I would be happy to travel a few times a year. #marketing #airline-industry #Sales #business #travel