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Kira Q. Jan 19, 2018 496 views

Whether I should go to a better college to be able to teach at a university?

I've been told that I might have better luck getting a teaching position at a school like Virginia Tech (where I live) if I go to a school like Harvard. However, I want to teach English/History which is not Virginia Tech's focus at all, it being an engineering and agriculture school. Do I still...

layal E.’s Avatar
layal E. Jun 14, 2021 272 views

What is the best way to find out what career is best for you?

I like English, writing, music, helping others, #english etc.

Saniaya A.’s Avatar
Saniaya A. Jun 12, 2021 373 views

What do you need to become a teacher

I am in 10th grade in high school and I would like to become a teacher to young age students #education #teaching #teacher

andrea M.’s Avatar
andrea M. Mar 06, 2020 323 views

What major allows me to work with Spanish speaking people in the community.

I am currently a Spanish major but I am looking for another major that allows me to work directly with the Latinx community but also allows me to work in a Spanish speaking country.

Abdiel L.’s Avatar
Abdiel L. Mar 05, 2020 501 views

Is a career in Video Game Design viable for living?

If I pursue a career in game design, will it help pay for bills and the like or should it just stay a hobby?
#video-game-design #games #design #game-design

Gwen T.’s Avatar
Gwen T. Feb 29, 2020 318 views

Online versus In-Person?

Sometimes classes I need have the option of being online with testing done in person at the college. I've taken two last summer and did well. I'm considering a few more over the summer but this time they would be math (basic college algebra) and maybe a history class. Are there any classes you...

Chang. C.’s Avatar
Chang. C. Feb 11, 2020 242 views

is it wroth going to in to college

#automotive i like hands on stuff

Kasey D.’s Avatar
Kasey D. Feb 21, 2020 280 views

How many hours are required to volunteer a week?

I would lie to be able to gain credit for this volunteer opportunity for graduate school. Would it be possible to earn hours for it? #graduate-school #volunteer

Deleted D.’s Avatar
Deleted D. Jan 26, 2020 340 views

Can anyone recommend any architecture camps in Toronto?

#architect #architecture #experience