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Coupeville, Washington

Within 40 mile radius
alexis’s Avatar
alexis Mar 06, 2020 682 views

what are some technological tools i should be familiar with for being a rehabilitation therapist?

#rehab #rehabilitation #physical-therapist #physical-therapy #therapy #occupational-therapy

Letzly’s Avatar
Letzly Feb 24, 2020 1393 views

What skills, abilities, and personal attributes are essential to success in the technology field?

#technology #career #computer

Teontre’s Avatar
Teontre Feb 24, 2020 604 views

What would be the best way to get into biochemistry, and what traits would predispose me to success in such a field.

#science #biochemistry #biology

brittany’s Avatar
brittany Feb 21, 2020 1178 views

what does a typical day look like for critical care nurse?

#nurse #medical #doctor

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Feb 21, 2020 561 views

How many steps do you need to take to be a culinary student ?

#culinary-arts #cooking #culinary-arts #cooking

maile’s Avatar
maile Feb 21, 2020 575 views

In the culinary arts field, what steps would you recommend that I take to prepare to enter this field?

#culinary-arts #chef #cooking

Keshaun’s Avatar
Keshaun Feb 21, 2020 952 views

what is the best way to start the journey to becoming a pediatric surgeon?

I am just out of high school and very interested in the medical field #doctor #doctor

Letzly’s Avatar
Letzly Feb 21, 2020 746 views

where do I start?

I'm interested in computer technology but i dont know where to start from. #information-technology #technology

taylor’s Avatar
taylor Jan 24, 2020 544 views

what does professional software development experience mean?

i wanna work at valve but they need someone with 4+ years professional software development experience and i don't know what that mean i wanna be a Game Development Software Engineer #video-games #animation #programming #engineer

TJ’s Avatar
TJ Jan 24, 2020 754 views

what certifications are required for becoming a CIS teacher?

I am looking at becoming a #computer #Information #software #Teacher i am wondering what certifications may be required to do this? #computer-engineering #computer-software

zander’s Avatar
zander Jan 24, 2020 559 views

How do I succeed in the JobCorps Program?

I'm 17 and i'm ready to make my self better with the help of the job corps program #job #college #career

mackenzie’s Avatar
mackenzie Jan 24, 2020 843 views

what does it take to become a medic in the navy

my name is Mackenzie im 16 and im really interested in going into the medic industry and #military #navy becoming a medic in the navy

kendal’s Avatar
kendal Jan 24, 2020 764 views

Whats your motivation for being a nurse?

Im a student at cascade job corps I am wanting to further my future #nursing #medicine #nurse

Kyla’s Avatar
Kyla Jan 24, 2020 1213 views

For nurses, what is a typical work day look like?

I am a student at Job Corps, and I am pursing a career in nursing. I would love to see what a typical day looks like for a nurse in the emergency field. #registered-nurses #healthcare #nursing

rowee’s Avatar
rowee Jan 22, 2020 573 views

hey does anyone know what jobs i can get in the bothell / woodinville reigon at 15? thanks

im juss broke #job

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