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Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Within 40 mile radius
jaymie’s Avatar
jaymie Oct 04, 2023 413 views

where do you even start to become a real estate agent in highschool?

Im tryna become a real estate agent at a young age but i dont know what classes to take or where even to start.

Ayana’s Avatar
Ayana Oct 01, 2023 274 views

How do I figure out what I want to major in for college?

I have a few options for what I want to do as jobs but I don't know what I'd major in. I need a few tips or tricks to tell me the best way to pick one.

Aislyn’s Avatar
Aislyn Sep 21, 2023 972 views

What is one thing you wish you knew about your job before you started it?

I am hoping to study business and wanna know what the field will be like.

jaymie’s Avatar
jaymie Sep 16, 2023 351 views

How do I find a career that fits me when I want to be/try so many different things in life?

I like the creative side like art, animals, architecture, photography, writing, but I'm not sure what should be my main 'thing'

Jasmine’s Avatar
Jasmine Sep 16, 2023 283 views

What career should I pursue to make loads o& money but still be happy ?

I would also like to be attending an ivy leag3 collluge

Kyle’s Avatar
Kyle Sep 12, 2023 734 views

How to write a RESUME ?

How do i write a resume

AJ’s Avatar
AJ Sep 08, 2023 578 views

Where can I start working as a part time job as a teen?

When i soon get my first job i want it to relate to my future career as a NP so i can get a little bit of practice. What jobs could possibly be related to the medical branch? Could volunteering at a local nursing home be a good idea? or maybe a local animal shelter.

Hannah’s Avatar
Hannah Sep 07, 2023 318 views

WWhen is the best time to apply to universities you are interested in after finishing a degree at a community college?

I am not sure when to apply to the next school ill be attending

AJ’s Avatar
AJ Sep 04, 2023 554 views

How do Nurse Practitioners work and Registered Nurse ? What is the difference between them?

I do hope to be a Nurse Practitioner but I have also thought of being a Registered Nurse but I don't have much background information on the two.

angelina’s Avatar
angelina Aug 24, 2023 607 views

what should I study for my bachelors degree I want to become a forensic pathologist?

seems like a lengthy process just trying to figure it out

Kindall’s Avatar
Kindall Aug 16, 2023 486 views

How do you know where to start in becoming a doctor ? What effects does it put on someone’s mental health?

Health care, art, design, helping people

Asline’s Avatar
Asline Aug 06, 2023 376 views

How can I get my scholarship?

To have a scholarship do I need to have only A? Do I need to pass all of my classes. What can I do to make sure that I have a scholarship.?

rayla’s Avatar
rayla Jul 23, 2023 293 views

how to boost gpa ?

how to boost gpa

ariana’s Avatar
ariana Jul 16, 2023 274 views

How soon can someone start making money?

What is the soonest age some one can start making money?

Eric’s Avatar
Eric Jul 13, 2023 3337 views

What courses should I take in high school should I take if I want to start a career in forensic science?

i want to do something in forensics and i want to know which courses i should take for that specific field. also im in 8th grade so im asking this before i have to actually pick

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