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Pleasant Hill, Missouri

Within 40 mile radius
Dayanara’s Avatar
Dayanara Apr 08, 2022 1266 views

What is it like working as an CSI ? What's something nice about working there?

This is something I want to study but I'm not sure if I'm able to manage to see all the crime, but I think I can handle it at the same time. What is some experience you had seeing all these crimes? Did you get used to it? What was the worst crime you've seen?

liliana’s Avatar
liliana Apr 08, 2022 482 views

What are some college classes that you need to take to become a veterinarian?

I want to know specifically if you need to take like any science classes, if so which ones.

Sandra’s Avatar
Sandra Apr 08, 2022 3238 views

What is the hardest part about being a physical therapist?

I am looking into studying physical therapy and I want to know more about it.

amy’s Avatar
amy Apr 08, 2022 428 views

how can i do a career in cutting men's hair?

i want to be a men's hair cutter because it is so nice and fresh for me about just the thought of cutting specifically mens hair because their is already a lot of people who cut women's hair who are mostly womens who cut hair and in the men's industry it is just men who cut hair and i would...

Ramona’s Avatar
Ramona Apr 08, 2022 674 views

¿How many patients die each day in a hospital, and how do you cope with working in an environment where that happens?

How many people do you help of day

stephanie’s Avatar
stephanie Apr 08, 2022 763 views

What is something that you found hard to understand when studying pharmacy?

Im a junior in high school and want to learn more about pharmacists.

shecid’s Avatar
shecid Apr 08, 2022 638 views

How long did it take you to both pay and complete your degree?

work while you were studying? How to save to pay for your career? when he exercised his career had he already finished paying?

jennifer’s Avatar
jennifer Apr 08, 2022 2109 views

what was the most challenging part?

like was it difficult finding a job? or overall what was the hardest part? and what advice do you recommend?

stephanie’s Avatar
stephanie Apr 08, 2022 716 views

What is a challenge you faced when studying nursing?

Well right now, I'm a Junior in high school and trying to get more advice over nursing.

laura’s Avatar
laura Apr 08, 2022 540 views

how hard was college?

was there ever a class that you just thought would be the end of you like it just made you want to drop out?

kayleigh’s Avatar
kayleigh Apr 08, 2022 498 views

are you happy with the career you chose

do you ever get bored or mad at your job?

kayleigh’s Avatar
kayleigh Apr 08, 2022 405 views

how do you deal with someone who is angry or unsatisfied with what they got

someone who is rude and acting out because they arent satisfied with what they got

jose’s Avatar
jose Apr 08, 2022 328 views

have you ever fell off a roof?

if you ever fall off a roof and get injured what happens with your job?

laura’s Avatar
laura Apr 08, 2022 548 views

is it ever hard to manage your personal life

like does being a teacher ever affect you personal life like the teachers I know don't really have a life outside of school

laura’s Avatar
laura Apr 08, 2022 429 views

does working with kid affect your mental health

like when you are working with kids who have had a bad past does it ever affect you really bad

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