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Selma, North Carolina

Within 40 mile radius
Oliveyah’s Avatar
Oliveyah yesterday 358 views

How do I decide which career to pursue if I have interest in other careers to?

I have found many careers and taken quiz to find out what would suit me, I'm just lost in it all.

L’s Avatar
L May 21 159 views

Is a gap year worth the break from college?

Or is it dependent on your field/major

Khiar’s Avatar
Khiar Apr 12 355 views

How do I ensure a path into a successful and stable career?

Considering factors such as skill development, industry trends, and long-term growth, how can I navigate my professional journey effectively?"

Mason’s Avatar
Mason Mar 22 581 views

How do I narrow down my career/future options if I'm unsure?

I'm in 10th grade but keep getting asked about my future and/or career plans but I'm not sure, I feel like I'm mediocre in all things and don't really excel in anything in particular, so how do I find what is right?

Lachlann’s Avatar
Lachlann Mar 18 461 views

What things can I do to become better at time management?

In a short period

Julia’s Avatar
Julia Feb 23 550 views

What are all the different careers you can do with a BSN degree More specifically, what are some of the travel opportunities that are available to RN's? What are the options nationally and internationally? ?

I am currently in school for nursing, and want to become more aware of all of the options available to RN's. I know there are so many jobs out there for nurses, and I want to learn about them all.

Bri’s Avatar
Bri Feb 16 508 views

What are some tips in applying for college ?

I am a junior in highschool and I am worrying about applying for college to late.

Glorieliz’s Avatar
Glorieliz Dec 16, 2023 699 views

What are some writing tips?

What are some writing tips on how to organize a research paper. How do you set it up and what do you have to add to it. What is the best topic to do it on.

Sarvagna’s Avatar
Sarvagna Dec 06, 2023 645 views

What extracurricular activities look good on my resume to be a biology major?

I want to be a Biology major at UNC Chapel Hill and I was wondering what would make my application look better.

lucy’s Avatar
lucy Nov 23, 2023 372 views

What made you pick this career and stay in it?

I am at the point where I have to start looking into what I want to do and I just have so many options, I need a little guidance.

Zyreon’s Avatar
Zyreon Nov 14, 2023 364 views

How do I keep up with my hobbies having a full time job ?

Pls help me

Kenny’s Avatar
Kenny Nov 11, 2023 323 views

How is picking a business bad?

Why is picking a job hard

Aashish’s Avatar
Aashish Oct 16, 2023 1686 views

What kind of computer science related passion project should I do?

I am a junior in high school. I have heard the term passion project before, but I am unsure about what type of project to do. I am interested in Computer Science but want to differentiate myself from others with a unique project. What kind of project, using my skills from business as well, will...

Chiara’s Avatar
Chiara Oct 07, 2023 385 views

Would it be difficult to start a business from ground up and if so what would you do to get a good start ?

I’m am 14 years old and I am planing on having my own business when I get older.

Alana’s Avatar
Alana Sep 26, 2023 243 views

How do i get ownership of my music?How do I get my music noticed?

Ive been writing music and singing for years.I just started like posting it I think two ye ago. My dream is to be a professional musician performing on stage. I want to write music that can help people grow and bond with each other.

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