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Grace R.’s Avatar
Grace R. Jan 19, 2018 218 views

What is the best method to studying for the MCATs?

I am hoping to attend medical school to become an Otolaryngologist. Getting into medical school can be tricky so I am hoping someone get help me create some great studying habits to increase my changes of getting accepted....


Grace R.’s Avatar
Grace R. Jan 19, 2018 199 views

When is the best time to begin taking your MCATs?

I have heard from some that you should begin as early as your first semester of your sophomore year to get a feel for the tests. On the other hand, others say you should wait until you junior year, second semester. Please help!...


Kyla G.’s Avatar
Kyla G. Apr 22, 2018 131 views

What are some ways to make money to pay for college?

I plan on working a summer job, but like most teenagers, I have a busy summer. What are some ways you can save up for college? #college-advice #college...


Megan D.’s Avatar
Megan D. Aug 29, 2018 164 views

What are useful resources/websites for used/inexpensive textbooks?

I know how expensive textbooks can be and I do not want to break the bank. I was wondering about any reputable used textbook websites/stores....


Kathryn H.’s Avatar
Kathryn H. Aug 18, 2018 170 views

What would you say is the most difficult class involved in achieving a mechanical engineering degree?

I’m going for this degree but would like to know others opinions on class difficulties....


James W.’s Avatar
James W. May 18, 2016 556 views

What are some good careers for statistics majors with a Bachelors degree?

Statistics is what I will be majoring in at Penn State, and I am wondering what others who have earned Bachelors Degrees in Statistics do once they graduate? #major #statistics #graduates #mathematics #math...


Michelle L.’s Avatar
Michelle L. Aug 22, 2018 338 views

Is it better to do paid internships or just a regular job during university?

I'm looking to go to college in New York City, and that can obviously get really expensive, so I was wondering which job option would be better for both experience and pay. #jobs #job #money...


Megan D.’s Avatar
Megan D. Aug 29, 2018 217 views

What specific careers can English majors go into?

I plan to major in English/Writing. I wish to have writing as a major part of my career and was wondering how many different careers fit that description....


Kathryn H.’s Avatar
Kathryn H. Aug 18, 2018 219 views

What is involved in the daily work life as a mechanical engineer?

Will be going for this degree but would like a simple answer as to typical job aspects....


Alyssa T.’s Avatar
Alyssa T. Feb 08, 2017 556 views

What inspires you to write?

I have a difficult time getting inspired....


Lorna S.’s Avatar
Lorna S. Aug 21, 2018 221 views
Alyssa T.’s Avatar
Alyssa T. Feb 08, 2017 233 views

Is it more fun to cut or to dye hair?

I want to know personal preference....


Alyssa T.’s Avatar
Alyssa T. Feb 08, 2017 335 views

Do you prefer quiet or chatty clients as a hairdresser?

I've heard some clients tell interesting stories. #hairdresser #hair #hair-care...


Madelyne M.’s Avatar
Madelyne M. Jan 16, 2018 232 views

How do I fund my college education?

I am excited because I was recently accepted to my dream college (Ohio U) and I can't wait to go! But I'm also terrified because I have no idea how I can pay for it. I keep applying for every scholarship I see...but I haven't won anything yet and time is passing by. What can I do? #tuition...

#financial-aid #scholarships #ohio-university #college

Lorna S.’s Avatar
Lorna S. Aug 21, 2018 245 views

Is a 3+3 accelerated program for physical therapists really worth it?

Instead of the traditional 4+2 program for physical therapy, some students choose 3+3 because it is one year shorter. However, is the workload too much to handle? #physical-therapist #programs #college #physical-therapy...


Harley S.’s Avatar
Harley S. Jan 21, 2018 272 views

What scholarship are good for future medical students?

I come from a low-income family, and plan on going to college for at least 10 years for forensic pathology. What kind of scholarships should I apply to? #highschool #freshmen #medicine-education #scholarships #financial-aid #forensic-investigation #medicine...


Antonio L.’s Avatar
Antonio L. Feb 16 105 views
Jen Z.’s Avatar
Jen Z. May 14, 2019 245 views

How do I choose a major?

I’m the type of person who is interested in everything. Some days I feel artsy and want to major in something related to theater or movies while other days I feel uncreative and want to major in physics. How do I decide? #college-major #major #college...


Alyson B.’s Avatar
Alyson B. May 07, 2019 89 views

What are some ways I can get PCE hours for PA school without any certifications?

I am going into my third year of undergrad. I have my CPR certification and some experience being a Wellness Technician, however I do not have time while in school to take more classes to get more certifications. What types of jobs and internships should I be looking for in order to help me...


Colleen A.’s Avatar
Colleen A. Feb 10, 2019 148 views

I already know what I want to be but I also want to be in plays and stuff? What do I do?

I am a high school senior wanting to know if there are organizations out there that will let me be in their plays but i can also do my dream job. #college #career...


Harley S.’s Avatar
Harley S. Jan 21, 2018 318 views

What jobs can I get as a medical student?

I plan on becoming a forensic pathologist, which takes a very, very long time. I'd like to know what kind of jobs I can get at certain levels of my college education. I'd like good money, so I can start paying off student loans early. Thank you! #medical-practice #student-loans...

#doctorate-degree #forensic-investigation #what-kind-of-jobs-can-i-expect #college-bound

Harley S.’s Avatar
Harley S. Jan 21, 2018 319 views

What are the average requirements for a thesis or dissertation?

I am an avid writer, and I don't think a thesis or dissertation will be too difficult for me. However, this is a high school student speaking, so I can't really be sure. I'd like to know ( on average) what the requirements are in the forensic pathology field, so I can get used to writing with...

#dissertation #highschool #writing #thesis #doctorate-degree #forensics #medical-education #masters

Kyla G.’s Avatar
Kyla G. Apr 22, 2018 324 views

What are some essentials for studying abroad?

I have read that you should have a luggage bag that isn't black and red, so it's easily distinguishable. But what are some really good tips that you would recommend? What to pack? What your parents can send in the mail? What kind of credit/debit card is most widely accepted? #travel...

#italy #study-abroad

Kali  M.’s Avatar
Kali M. Mar 06, 2016 966 views

I plan on going to a community college for nursing. Will I have to take any college classes before hand? Also, when do I take my TEAS test? After applying, while I'm in college, or before I apply?

My goal is to get my ADN at a community college, then continue online to get my BSN and finally go to a college for nurse anesthesia. #college #nursing #associates-degree...


Alyssa T.’s Avatar
Alyssa T. Feb 08, 2017 372 views

Is writing professionally something you've always wanted to do?

I'm an aspiring author and I'd like to know other people's stories....


Alyssa T.’s Avatar
Alyssa T. Feb 08, 2017 375 views

How much money do hairdressers make per day?

A hairdresser is my second choice of profession. #hair-stylist #beauty-industry #hairdressers #hair-care #beautician...


Danielle A.’s Avatar
Danielle A. Oct 21, 2016 450 views

How many hours does it take to become a professional surfer?

I like playing in the water #sports...


Alyssa T.’s Avatar
Alyssa T. Feb 08, 2017 291 views

How long does it take to get a book published?

Writing books takes a long time and I want to know if publishing it takes just as long....


Morgan S.’s Avatar
Morgan S. May 09, 2016 839 views

Would a degree in Dentay Hygiene give me a good foundation to continue on to Dental School?

I will be starting college in the fall of 2016. I decided on pursuing a major in dental hygiene with hopes to later go on to dental school. I know most of the dentists I have talked to said that they majored in biology or pre-dentistry before dental school. However, I did not want to major in...

#dental #dental-hygiene #dentistry

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