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Spencer’s Avatar
Spencer Mar 28, 2014 1170 views

What types of continued education do physician assistants have to complete in order to maintain their license?

I am a current senior in high school (class of 2014) and I really want to be a physician assistant. I have read that physicians assistant need about 100 hours of continued education every two years after earning their license. I, however, don't exactly understand what type of education this is...

Natasia’s Avatar
Natasia Mar 28, 2014 1606 views

What kind of internship opportunities are available to child-development psychology majors?

I would like to major in child-development psychology when I go to college this fall. I know most of the course that I would have to take in order to succeed this major, but I would like to know what opportunities outside of the classroom could be available to me to get hands-on experience...

Leslie’s Avatar
Leslie Mar 28, 2014 1010 views

Educational Requirements for a Physician's Assistant

What are the educational requirements for a Physician's Assistant? What major(s) should I focus on? #medicine #physician #college-majors

Denise’s Avatar
Denise Mar 28, 2014 1172 views

What is like being a photographer in today society? What can a person, wanting to pursue photography, expect?

I want to know about being a photographer. I want to understand how much work a photographer have to do to be good at it in order to further their craft/passion in photography. #photography

Alvin’s Avatar
Alvin Mar 26, 2014 1040 views

What's a typical day for a college athlete?

I am looking forward to walking on in college, and I was wondering what should I expect.

Essence’s Avatar
Essence Mar 26, 2014 32846 views

Do nurses typically have to go to nursing school after college? If you do go to nursing school or don't, do you have a higher starting salary or a lower one?

I am a senior in high school and I am looking into which career I want to go into. #nursing

Tubyez’s Avatar
Tubyez Mar 26, 2014 1605 views

Jobs with business management

I will be majoring in Business when I attend college in the fall of 2014. I wanted to know what common jobs can a student receive after college with a business degree, and what is the average salary. #business

Jeffrey’s Avatar
Jeffrey Mar 26, 2014 1227 views

What is the average salary for Art Directors?

I want to learn more about art directors #art #director

Nasurae’s Avatar
Nasurae Mar 26, 2014 1457 views

Majors associated with Forensic Biology

Hello, My name is Nasurae and I am a senior at Achievement First Amistad High School. I am interested in either becoming a forensic biologist, but most schools do not offer any majors that is directly related to this career. Are there any majors or classes I can take that will connect me to...

Erica’s Avatar
Erica Mar 26, 2014 958 views

Can social workers change their area of work with the major that they have?

I work like to know if I could use the major I pick for social worker in any in any area that I would like.
#social #social-worker

Diana’s Avatar
Diana Mar 26, 2014 1363 views

What are the typical class requirements or recommendations I should take in order to become a criminal investigator?

Hello, my name is Diana and I'm currently a senior in Connecticut. I was asking this question I really had an interest in criminal justice and I just wanted to know more about what classes people have taken in order to become a criminal investigator or any interesting courses people took in...

Shantell’s Avatar
Shantell Mar 26, 2014 1330 views

Investment Banking Analyst Career Information

I am coming to you today to learn more about this career that I gained interest in just a few days ago. I do not know much about this career and I was hoping you could help me. I know that this career has to do with business accounting which I am happy about, but I need to know more and that's...

Tamara’s Avatar
Tamara Mar 26, 2014 1367 views

Compensation For Tecahers

What is the starting salary for high school teachers who work in the public school system ? #teaching #teacher #high-school

Autumn’s Avatar
Autumn Mar 25, 2014 1325 views

Which job is better a nurse practitioner or a license registered nurse?

I'm in love with math and science. I like helping people, but its hard to choose between the two. #nursing

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