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Abi R.’s Avatar
Abi R. May 22, 2016 860 views

What is the difference between hard and soft skills on a resume?

One resume asked me for hard skills and soft skills, and I want to know the difference. #resume #interviews...


Adalberto M.’s Avatar
Adalberto M. Apr 05, 2019 2263 views
Shea M.’s Avatar
Shea M. Apr 27, 2018 343 views

Is my major too specific to get a good job in the future?

I am going into wildlife and conservation biology at URI and I am worried that there wont be that many jobs available to me once I get my degree. I know that there are always jobs for environmentalist majors in general - but maybe my major just isnt practical. #struggle...


Leriz P.’s Avatar
Leriz P. Oct 22, 2016 1156 views
Tammy D.’s Avatar
Tammy D. Oct 27, 2016 370 views

What are the first steps for an aspiring surgeon to take in college? Should I particularly be majoring in a biology related study?

I am currently a senior in high school, and it's the eve of college applications. Going though two surgical procedures myself, I was always intrigued by the willingness and determination of a surgeon's work ethic and I figured it was inevitable that I would want to pursue a career in that...

#surgeon #medicine #biology

Julionna C.’s Avatar
Julionna C. Nov 08, 2019 142 views

How much money does computer programmer make on average?

my teacher gave us these careers and i got computer programmer and i don't know what that is but it sounds fun to learn about #computer...


paola B.’s Avatar
paola B. Nov 08, 2019 92 views

what is a cloud engineer ?

i want to know what a cloud engineer does , because I've never heard of it before and I'm interested. #cloud-engineer #help...


Joshua S.’s Avatar
Joshua S. Apr 22, 2019 153 views
Leriz P.’s Avatar
Leriz P. Oct 22, 2016 583 views
Leriz P.’s Avatar
Leriz P. Oct 22, 2016 542 views
Theresa B.’s Avatar
Theresa B. May 27, 2016 593 views

How can I know if medical school is the best career path for me?

I have always been fascinated by the medical profession, and I would like to gain some more insight on how a person can gauge whether medical school would be a good career option. #college...


Litzy T.’s Avatar
Litzy T. Jul 12, 2018 350 views

How do I not give up on myself?

I have been losing my will to do things . How do you keep yourself motivated to do things ? #sad...


Isabel O.’s Avatar
Isabel O. Apr 19, 2018 347 views

How can I make myself look like the best candidate for a scholarship?

I have committed to a college and its very expensive to pay and I need all the money I can get. How can I stand out to scholarship readers so that they want to choose me rather than anyone else? #scholarships #applications #essay #college...


Kelli M.’s Avatar
Kelli M. Jan 16, 2018 788 views

What are the best electives to take for a nursing major?

Due to the fact that my schedule is very tight and I only get to take a few electives, I was wondering what electives are best for my major. Is there any that would help me to build relationships with my patients, help me further my nursing skills, or be good extra knowledge to have as a...

#nursing #electives

Aleksandra B.’s Avatar
Aleksandra B. Jul 29 84 views

When do I begin studying for the MCAT?

I just finished my first year as an undergraduate student. I'm majoring in biochemistry and minoring in psychology. I know these two fields are very helpful for the MCAT. (I am very interested in those fields as well, so it was not the only reason I chose them.) When did you begin studying for...

#psychology #physician #college #biochemistry #study #july20 #mcat #premed #medical

Megan B.’s Avatar
Megan B. Sep 16 139 views

What can you do with a computer science degree?

I am a civil engineering student. I choose civil engineering because I really like math and liked the thought of building big stuff. The classes are getting harder and I'm stressed more often. The science classes are so difficult for me. I do so much better in my math courses and the...

#computerscience #mathematics #civil-engineering #college-majors

Kendall P.’s Avatar
Kendall P. Aug 19, 2016 388 views

What is it like to manage a professional sports organization? What are some of the responsibilities and most difficult tasks?

I am looking to major in Sports Management next year and would like to learn as much as possible before heading off to college. #sports-management...


DION S.’s Avatar
DION S. Mar 08, 2019 151 views

Is the technological singularity hypothesis, more likely to become a reality, since tech and A.I. systems have been rapidly developing over the years?

Over the years, technology has been growing rapidly to the point virtual reality and artificial intelligence has been developed. For instance, Google has created an A.I. to respond to texts, and hospitals are using A.I. systems for assistance, such as re-evaluating coma patients so that they...


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