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Adrian Dec 13, 2022 559 views

Is there an easy way to become a good construction engineer?

Is there any mistakes you made so I could be aware of?

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Johnathon Feb 02, 2023 789 views

what is the hardest part of engineering

what is the hardest part of engineering

jayden’s Avatar
jayden Feb 02, 2023 466 views

computer engineers /builders

what were some of your main struggles what was one time you wanted to quit but did and what made you stay

Aaron’s Avatar
Aaron Nov 18, 2021 536 views

What if you cannot commit to one major when you're in college

like if you are already attending a class and you found out its not your thing, is it too late to change? #major #college

Lauren’s Avatar
Lauren Jul 15, 2020 1524 views

How can get I get a summer internship in STEM with no prior experience?

I'm a junior in high school and want to major in engineering. And I want to gain some experience in the field. However, any internships I find are for college students and/or require lots of experience. So how can I start to build my experience from the ground up? #engineering #stem

Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer Jun 19, 2020 686 views

what are the differences between landscape architecture and just architecture?

I'm stuck on deciding which major I should choose next year for uni, what are the main differences between the two majors? which open to more opportunities? and which is overall the better major?

thank you in advance.

#architecture #architect #college-major #major

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Andy Jun 19, 2020 710 views

Is communication key to engineering? Is feedback about your mechanics a good thing when being a mechanical engineer?

#engineer #mechanical-engineer

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Daliya Jun 05, 2020 835 views

I wonder if civil engineering would appeal to me

I'm starting my last year of high school and my class is specialized in maths, phusics and informatics.
#engineer #civil #civil-engineering

Maddie’s Avatar
Maddie Jun 06, 2020 914 views

How can I shorten the amount of years I have to go to school to become a veterinarian

I love animals and I want to become a mobile big animal vet in Texas. My dream school is Texas A&M. #veterinary-medicine

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jason Jun 05, 2020 624 views

what is the differnce between master mechanics and mechanical engineer?

# master-mechanics #automotive

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Cecelia Jun 02, 2020 596 views

What kind of education do you need to have a career in urban sustainability?

#sustainability #education #professional

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Kasuba Jun 02, 2020 585 views

How do I get opportunities to work with more serious organizations and have more serious positions rather than volunteer or internship positions? How can I ensure I stand out?

I am a female in my early 20’s. I have an undergrad bachelors in Finance. However, along the way during my undergrad studies, my interests changed and I felt a deep and personal connection to non-profits and working to promote gender equality and helping young African girls access education....

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Jeff Apr 23, 2020 654 views

I'm not good at math. Can I still be a doctor?

#medicine #premed

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Taylor Jun 01, 2020 1764 views

What volunteer opportunities would match well with STEM related majors?

I am a 10th grader and I have my eyes set on being a biochemistry major. I want to know what places or organizations I can help out! #biochemistry #college-major #biology #volunteer

Candice’s Avatar
Candice May 28, 2020 723 views

Environmentalists: What does your typical work week consist of? All sub-specialties welcome.

I'm an undergraduate student struggling to commit to a major, after changing time and time again. After finally settling on a general area of study, it's time to determine a more focused area. The top bachelors degree programs that I am looking at include environmental engineering,...