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Audriana Oct 26, 2020 155 views

How to become a successful Immigration Lawyer

When I have a nice decent good paying job I would like to be successful in a important job such as Immigration Lawyer #law

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Jessica Jul 14, 2020 396 views

What interested you in becoming a lawyer?

#criminal-justice #law #lawyer

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Jessica Jul 10, 2020 365 views

How do lawyers handle stressful situations?

#law #lawyer

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oriana Aug 02, 2020 434 views

Should I wait a year to apply to FBI acadmey?

Me and My friend are a year apart- and we want to be in the FBI together, as partners. So will able to team up with her? Another thing is- Should I wait a year to apply, or apply before her to get better chances we both get in. #military #college #FBI #Newyork #Law #NYC #lawyers #law

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oriana Aug 02, 2020 440 views

What job in the FBI would have a lot of leadership- that's similar to being a CEO?

I really like to know what jobs are like CEO or have a lot of leadership in the FBI- I work better and teams, and even better when I can take charge with the help of others. #career #ceo #business #FBI #Law #management #helping-others

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Jessica Jul 10, 2020 234 views

What steps do we need to become a lawyer?

#lawyer #law

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Arjun Jul 11, 2020 630 views

What unique thing did you do to get accepted into your dream college??

#college #technology #quant #finance

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jair Apr 17, 2019 278 views

how many years to become an attorney

#lawyer #law-school #attorney

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Achraf May 09, 2019 231 views

what is a cop biggest rule in his job?


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Bianca May 28, 2019 322 views

What degree is needed for law enforcement?


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Renne Jan 11, 2018 774 views

What should I do in order to work with the FBI? #FBI

I am really interested in becoming a special agent and would like to know how one becomes one. I am wondering how many years of college I should do and I am wondering where I should go. I am willing to go out of California, but have no idea if the FBI looks at the state your college is in....

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Sibel Jul 17, 2020 300 views

What is the educational path I should take for a career in cyber law?

#JULY20 #career-paths #law

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Laureale Jun 20, 2020 410 views

I majored in Forensic Psychology to become a jury consultant. What minor would be great along with major? Correction, criminal justice, or law?

#psychology #criminal-justice #forensic #law

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Nino Jun 08, 2020 785 views

Can I become a barrister/solicitor with criminology degree?

I studied Access to Higher Education Diploma in Law, then I went to university and started studying Criminology which I am not enjoying as much as I enjoyed studying law. my question here is if I should start studying law from year 1, which would mean that I have to restart and waste £18 000 or...

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Joshua Apr 04, 2018 1098 views

What are some things that employeers look for during an interview

Just so I can avoid these or do them #interviewing-skills