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Renee W.’s Avatar
Renee W. Mar 13, 2020 727 views

What does a career in data science look like?

I've been hearing a lot about machine learning and data science, it seems interesting. What are the job prospects like? How much money do you make? What type of problems do you work on? datascience data technology career...


Angelina C.’s Avatar
Angelina C. Jul 25, 2020 587 views

How did you decide what you wanted to do after college?

I am a rising high school senior who is interested in STEM, and I would like to know more about the possible career paths in this field. career stem careers engineering tech medicine technology chemistry math economics mathematics...


Jordan F.’s Avatar
Jordan F. Sep 16, 2020 129 views

How do you get the best job for you?

I want to go to college and then become a vet....