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stanley’s Avatar
stanley Jun 27, 2023 1468 views

STEM or Business career?

I am currently very interested in STEM and business and I need help deciding which to choose for as a career.

Isabella’s Avatar
Isabella Jul 12, 2023 645 views

How do I start to become an accountant ?

I am in the grade 12 and I like math so I thought accounting would be great for me

Karen’s Avatar
Karen Jul 14, 2023 305 views

How can I be a successful Business Administration?

What is the most important thing to do as a student who is majoring in Business Administration?

Esther’s Avatar
Esther Jan 04, 2018 1489 views

Are there any advice or tips on how to properly network with professional accountants?

I am a second year accounting student that have attended many career fairs, networking events, and clubs to start building the all-important connections. However, I feel I have not made much progress each time I go to a different event. My questions are generic despite how hard I try to come up...

Erie’s Avatar
Erie Nov 17, 2021 1788 views

how can someone go about getting into the Big 4 without having a finance degree and coming out of a college that did not have the big 4 recruiting from them.

#business #big4

SAHEED’s Avatar
SAHEED Nov 06, 2021 808 views

Is math's be necessary , am not good in maths

Am from Nigeria , and I need advice about my future career as a tax accountant . #accounting am in 11 grade

yohelci’s Avatar
yohelci Jul 03, 2021 630 views

i wanna learn how to be independent

i wanna own something. #accounting

Quiana’s Avatar
Quiana Aug 10, 2021 1907 views

How do you increase productivity at work?

#accounting #finance

Ayomide ’s Avatar
Ayomide Mar 30, 2017 900 views

What if I graduate from RIT, but want to move to another state-will the CPA license carry over?

Accounting student at Towson university #accounting

Gianna’s Avatar
Gianna Oct 05, 2021 971 views

what is the best job in the business major? what are some internship for business/accounting majors?

#business #accounting #college-major #internship

Christine’s Avatar
Christine Jun 24, 2021 1160 views

Why should you study accounting?

I'm struggling to decide which career to pursue? #accounting

Noah’s Avatar
Noah Oct 08, 2021 2812 views

What hard and soft skills are needed in accounting and which of the two is more favorable?

#accounting #financial-accounting #accountant #career

Florence’s Avatar
Florence Apr 08, 2021 744 views

I fear talking to the public and how can I overcome that

I am somehow shy
I talk much when I get to know one better
Fear to bring up an idea in public

Rbx’s Avatar
Rbx May 13, 2021 1345 views

What could you have done differently/better in university?

What could you have done differently/better in university?
#literature #consulting #orthodontics #paleontology

Angelina’s Avatar
Angelina Oct 10, 2021 906 views

Is it wise to choose accounting as a career if you are a conventional thinker?

I am a conventional thinker. Very shy and I love getting all my work done before i can do anything else