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lolann P. Sep 29, 2020 59 views

Would a pediatric oncology nurse fit me?

I like kids I enjoy helping others I work well with others I enjoy making people feel good about themselves I strive to make people feel their best when they are at their worst #oncology #pediatric...

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lexi R. Sep 30, 2020 300 views

Why does nothing interest me when it comes to careers, and how can i find one that does?

i've always been extremely indecisive. When it comes to thinking about my future, a million thoughts flood my mind. I dont have any specific thing that i think is realistic enough to achieve. i want to live a happy, money stable life, but where do i even start?...


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Cayden B. Oct 19, 2020 36 views
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Sara M. Oct 19, 2020 46 views
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jade M. Oct 22, 2020 134 views

Can chemical engineers work in the food and agriculture industry?

I have read that most chemical engineers work in the oil and gas industry, but I don't really want to work in that industry. My dream is to work in the food and agriculture industry. I would like to create fertilizers or new formulas for food. So can chemical engineers work in this industry or...

#stem #stemcareers #chemical-engineer #agriculture #engineer #food #science #engineering

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Nathan L. Oct 26, 2020 133 views

What type of jobs are expected to experience a lot of growth in the near future?

Hi, I'm Nathan and I'm curious about which occupations are expected to grow significantly in the near future that pay well. #career...


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Hanan M. Nov 19, 2020 103 views

What should a pre-med student living in the pandemic do right now?

With the pandemic going on, all of my plans to build my pre-medical portfoli have been put on hold. What can I do to ensure I am still maximizing my time as an undergrad on the pre-med track (volunteer, job, internship, etc)? #givingiscaring #student #college...


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Marco F. Jan 28 163 views

How do I network?

I know that when I go to college it is going to be important to be active in my major (activities/clubs/organizations) but how exactly do I go about reaching out to people that might be able to help me advance my career? What do I say? For example, I want to be an aerospace engineer... where do...

#reachingout #active #career #career-path #career-options #career-choice #aerospace #networking #business #entrylevel