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alan Jan 09 1514 views

how hard is it to find a job as an electrical engineer ?

question writing tips

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Stephanie Oct 06, 2023 450 views

What questions you, as an interviewer, would like to hear the person you're interviewing ask?

As a current computer engineering student who desires to go into electrical engineering-based jobs, I'm curious about questions that stand out to you positively.

What piques your interest in a candidate? What kinds of questions do they ask that can set them apart from other people applying?

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Karla Sep 08, 2023 443 views

What major for interests in sustainable/alternative/nuclear power engineering/generation, sustainable urban planning, architecture, research, material science, civil infrastructure...?

Hello! I am a high school senior trying to apply to colleges and figure out my major, but I feel very indecisive. I'd like to have opportunities to research and develop new technologies and alternative energies!! Maybe even in a nuclear plant!? And also solutions to dealing with nuclear waste...

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Gary May 08, 2023 430 views

How versatile are engineering degrees?

How versatile are engineering degrees?

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Joel Apr 24, 2023 356 views

What would be the hardest part about being a Electrical Engineer?

What did you do to get on the right track to where you are? Thank you for the advice.

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Chris Jan 31, 2023 459 views

Life as an Engineer?

What is the typical day in the life of an engineer?

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joshua Jan 24, 2023 581 views

Is being social a essential part of working as a Electrical Engineer ?

How important is communication when working with others in this field?

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Jarvis Nov 03, 2022 621 views

Can you tell me about engineering and or psychology?

I'm stuck between the two at the moment and I'm struggling to choose which one I want to do, on one hand I like engineering and the design aspect of it. But on the other hand I'm very interested in psychology, I want to help people. Is there any way my interests can branch off to maybe...

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Kevin Sep 02, 2022 522 views

What do you do when starting out as an engineer?

As an entry-level engineer, what would I do? How would I advance in the industry? I am particularly interested in aerospace engineer.
I like the idea of picking and choosing problems to solve and designing it, but I'm not so interested in doing "grunt work".

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Nicholas May 10, 2022 613 views

What is the hardest field in engineering and the easiest?

#money #engineering

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JAMES May 18, 2016 1271 views

Do engineers only work at a desk, or do they also do field work to create stuff?

For example I want to be mechanical engineer, but I want to help building stuff like: Creating houses where the walls can absorb energy and use it or a Space plane that can launch form the ground. I wonder how long does it take to actually work as an active engineer? #engineering #engineer...

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Melvin Mar 08, 2022 1938 views

How do you achieve work/life balance?

I recently finished up grad school and have entered the workforce as a mechanical engineer. Since there is so much to do, I have been staying up later to manage all the different projects I'm working on. It's a bit overwhelming. Any tips on how I can balance a heavy workload along with other...

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Stany Sep 28, 2021 376 views

How do you get a job as an engineer?

Where do you go or who do you talk to? #engineer