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Cahyriah’s Avatar
Cahyriah Aug 26, 2022 858 views

What is the salary of an Certified Nursing Assistant?

I'm thinking about taking this job up and I would love to know more about it.

Lloyd john’s Avatar
Lloyd john Aug 20, 2022 570 views

Is there any scholarships in here that I can take?

I just want to finish studying

K.’s Avatar
K. Aug 19, 2022 781 views

Can You Study Abroad while in a BSN Programs?

Hi! I've always wanted to spend a semester abroad, but I'm worried with the rigor of a BSN program, it won't be possible. Would it be better to go over the summer?

Melanie’s Avatar
Melanie Jun 17, 2022 484 views

workers in the medical field what made you realize being in the medical field was right for you?

I plan to work in the medical field and I want to know what other people with experience in that field think of it

Haley’s Avatar
Haley Jun 13, 2022 574 views

Do you enjoy doing this if so why?

Is being a cna difficult?

Carmen’s Avatar
Carmen May 29, 2022 652 views

Does working in the medical field take a lot of work?

I want to work in the medical field and I'm not sure if it takes a lot of work and time and stuff like that !

gabriella’s Avatar
gabriella Jun 10, 2022 565 views

I want to become a certified nurse assistant.

What do i need to do? Are there specific classes i need to take? How many years of college is required?.

Kayla’s Avatar
Kayla Jun 09, 2022 572 views

How should i prepare for becoming a registered nurse?

i am currently studying to get a certification to starting to become a regsitred nurse and would like to know more information

Ryan’s Avatar
Ryan Jun 09, 2022 463 views

Thank you for your help!

For all people that have been helping me with my other questions, thank you because it is really helping! Especially the people that have answered multiple.

Crystal’s Avatar
Crystal Sep 01, 2017 908 views

Are there any schools for nursing that will accept you with a 15 on your ACT?

I have lost all hope in myself.
#nursing #nurse #nursing-education

Azmeena’s Avatar
Azmeena May 31, 2022 1646 views

Should I follow the real world or my passion

How should I keep a passion for art in my life if I want to do something more realistic like be in the medical field do I just drop that interest or make it a hobby?

Brooke’s Avatar
Brooke Jun 03, 2022 576 views

What are some high paying professions in the medical field that are low stress?

My goal is to become a physician assistant, but to think about the road getting there is very stressful for me. I am interested in dermatology and other medical technician jobs. I am currently majoring in health science. I want to get a bachelor degree no matter what. But I am wondering if...

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Jun 05, 2022 431 views

is being an anesthesiologists worth all the stress and almost no time to relax?

being a anesthesiologists means giving people anesthesia to numb pain when they need surgery or when giving birth and it takes i think 14 years to become a official anesthesiologist.

Precious’s Avatar
Precious May 31, 2022 558 views

What makes a resume impressive in your field (Nursing)?

To have a professional experiences, skills , knowledge or accomplishments.

Precious’s Avatar
Precious May 31, 2022 862 views

What do you like most or least about the job(nursing)?

Depends on the career the person is working on and determine if i love or like the job.