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Yuren Mar 01 513 views

What does it take for someone to go into the business field?

I am a high schooler and I wanted be to in the business felid, but don't know what is needed?

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Jada Mar 02 814 views

How can I start my real estate career at 16?

I’m a high schooler maintaining a 4.0 GPA and I’m graduating in the fall, Im so confused on where to start my journey in real estate because of my age. Many have told me to slow down and wait till i’m 18 to get my license but then I see all these young entrepreneurs online investing in real...

Yuren’s Avatar
Yuren Mar 01 523 views

How much money do they make in the business field?

I wanted to major in business, but I don't know how much they make?

kai’s Avatar
kai Mar 02 993 views

how come you have to take years of college just to be in debt and most likely can't get a job because u aren't familiar with the work like others ?

how come you have to take years of college just to be in debt and most likely can't get a job because u aren't familiar with the work like others ?

Skyler’s Avatar
Skyler Mar 01 439 views

How do you start up a business?

Starting a business seems hard

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Joy Dec 08, 2023 372 views

How can I maximize my GPA in high school?

What strategies, approaches, and academic commitments should I consider in order to effectively maximize and achieve a high Grade Point Average (GPA) during my tenure in high school? This includes a comprehensive understanding of the most effective study habits, time management techniques,...

Audrey’s Avatar
Audrey Nov 24, 2023 602 views

What are smart ways to run a business?

What are the most efficient ways to start and run a business? What are good ways to be financially stable and sustaining, while also saving and investing?

Alex’s Avatar
Alex Dec 04, 2023 428 views

How would i make it farther into my own business if im just starting?

If I'm just starting my business or thinking of starting one how would I do so

Alex’s Avatar
Alex Dec 06, 2023 485 views

What is Designer?

Want to know about it.

Kayonnah’s Avatar
Kayonnah Jan 17, 2023 481 views

What skills are most important for job like this?

What are the important steps to know for running a business?

emma’s Avatar
emma May 05, 2022 547 views

What should I look for when deciding where to go to college?

I am 16, a sophomore in high school, and have always been interested in the medical field. I want to go to a good college, but i'm not sure what key components to be looking for.

breanna’s Avatar
breanna May 06, 2022 443 views

How do you start entrepreneurship?

I want to learn more in creating and starting my own business.

Kelise’s Avatar
Kelise Apr 21, 2022 480 views

Is it possible to get a scholarship in a field you haven't done classes in high school?

I'm a junior currently and I feel like I've been wasting a lot of my time because I'm not in a computer class currently and I only have my senior year left. Is it too late to be hopeful for a scholarship from a computer science college?

Hunter’s Avatar
Hunter Apr 11, 2022 595 views

What kind of certifications and programs do I need to become a marine welder?

I wanna become a marine welder, but what types of certifications and classes do I need to take to achieve my goal.