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Mount Prospect, Illinois
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Hector Nov 07, 2023 286 views

What is the best way to gat an athletic scholarship?

I play baseball for my local school but I am home-schooled.

Marla’s Avatar
Marla Nov 08, 2023 220 views

is going to school for a sport worth it?

i am a high school student that is trying to decide where i would like to go for college. I am in Archery which i would like to do in college but all of the colleges are out of state and there are limited options of schools that have an archery program. would i be better off going to school in...

Angel’s Avatar
Angel Oct 16, 2023 4126 views

Does it matter where you get your college degree from, if you wanna work at a big tech company?

I’m a senior in high school and I want to study computer science to become a programmer, the thing is that college is can be sort of expensive, I wanted to go out of state to a tech school but it is kind of pricey, the thing is that a college near me offers a computer science program as well...

serenity’s Avatar
serenity Jun 17, 2023 303 views

Where should I apply to college for a good program?

Where should I apply to college that has a good technology and computer-science program?

gen’s Avatar
gen May 13, 2023 355 views

How do i become a major league baseball player?

How do i make it pro with baseball? I want to become a major league baseball player because its my passion. I play Baseball for my high school and my rec league. My favorite class in highschool is World history.

Jasiel’s Avatar
Jasiel Oct 31, 2022 429 views

What is the best way to decide what to study?

What are ways to decide what to do for after high school? I have ideas, but I'm scared of making the wrong choice. I have aspirations for teaching english, talking about sports, and working in concrete.

Dartavious’s Avatar
Dartavious Jun 07, 2022 590 views

What Industry Is Microsoft In?

What industry is Microsoft in such as:IT,Sports,Entertainment?

Gerald’s Avatar
Gerald May 17, 2022 1097 views

If I was undecided on what engineering profession to pursue, what engineering field you'll recommend for me to study?

I want to make sure that I choose the best engineering profession for me, but also learn how to choose the best profession.

CamRon’s Avatar
CamRon May 05, 2022 569 views

How can I join the NBA?

How can become a top player in the NBA?