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laboratory technologist
Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations
Misrata, Misrata District, Libya
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Jayleen Nov 21, 2023 472 views

Can Being A Psychiatrist Put Your Safety At Risk?

I've been wanting to be a psychiatrist for a while now and I know that they work with people who might be potentially dangerous or might have real thoughts of committing suicide. Is being alone in a room with the person safe?

Elizabeth’s Avatar
Elizabeth Aug 31, 2023 323 views

How do I go about applying for internships based on my career?

I'm trying to find internships to apply for but I'm unsure where to start.

statton’s Avatar
statton Dec 15, 2022 543 views

What is the biggest part of picking a collage?

How do i pick a collage what goes into the decision to go to one over the other

Gracie’s Avatar
Gracie Nov 10, 2022 556 views

Sports Broadcasting / Sports Media

What does the typical day of a sports broadcaster or someone in the sports media do?

Saba’s Avatar
Saba Apr 18, 2021 746 views

Which degree is required to become SDO in WAPDA


Nevaeh’s Avatar
Nevaeh Nov 15, 2022 335 views

Finding a Career ?

When is the best time for me to start looking into a career?

Merlina’s Avatar
Merlina Nov 15, 2022 460 views

What is the best way to manage my time in high school ?

My name is Merlina and I'm in high school.

Anna-Kate’s Avatar
Anna-Kate Nov 10, 2022 684 views

Medical field.

What does a typical day of a person working in the medical field look like?

Marianna’s Avatar
Marianna Nov 10, 2022 539 views


How are you able to manage your job and home life as a veterinarian?

Vyana’s Avatar
Vyana Nov 10, 2022 718 views

Build Up My CV?

As a psychology student, what is the best course of action to build up my CV?

Elliott’s Avatar
Elliott Sep 23, 2022 516 views

How did you become a head chef?

What training did you go through to become the chef you are today and how did you go about it. Was it mostly over the years moving up in the job or was it more education and training in a classroom like setting.