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Ashley Anders

Labor and Delivery/Postpartum/Stable Newborn/Gynecology Registered Nurse
Wytheville, Virginia
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hargun Sep 15, 2021 664 views

Tips for passing the NCLEX

I am a nursing student who will graduate in May 2022 and I am scared about my ability to be able to pass and clear the NCLEX exam so I appreciate any tips that you have #nurse #college-advice #college #healthcare #nursing

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Stephanie Mar 21, 2021 258 views

Hi. I’m Stephanie and I’m a up and coming junior in high school. I would like to become a labor and delivery nurse when I get out of high school. I am currently in honors classes and am taking ib courses next year. I was wondering how would college work in terms of degrees I could get straight out of high school. Could I just go straight into a bachelors program out of high school or would I have to get my associates degree first? Thank you

I’m in high school very confused about college. Councilors don’t really explain all the details needed to get into college for my understanding. #high-school #laboranddelivery

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Yessica Sep 28, 2021 289 views

What is the process of becoming a RN Labor and Delivery Nurse

I'm a 9th grader and I'm interested in becoming a Labor & delivery nurse. I would like to know the steps in becoming one and what I would have to do.
#registered-nurses #nurse

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Serenity Oct 27, 2021 298 views

What are the values of your company, are looking for in a person?

I'm looking into #nursing and #midwifery and I'd like to know what values a #nurse and #midwife must have, in order to have a #healthcare position and profession. #nursing #medical #neonatal #labor-and-delivery

Jazmine’s Avatar
Jazmine Sep 06, 2019 379 views

Is there anything of importance that you think I should know before going into the field? Any advice?

I'm a high school student interested in being an obstetrician! I love being able to make people's lives brighten and to me that brightness for any expecting mother is being able to have their baby and hold him/her for the first time. I have a few distant family members in the field and hearing...

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Simranjit Jan 11 333 views

When babies pass away do we have to take care of the diseased babies?

I really want to be a labor and delivery nurse, and I want to know when babies pass away do we have to take care of the diseased babies?

Grace’s Avatar
Grace Dec 08, 2020 623 views

OB/GYN, certified nurse midwife, or PA

I want to work with labor and delivery. I want to be there for my patients, championing them, while also helping them. I like the idea of being an ob-gyn because I'd love to perform surgical procedures, be part of high risk pregnancies, help women from conception through postpartum, and so...

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Calissa Apr 09, 2018 453 views

what do labor delivery nurses mostly do?

i would like to know more about the things they have to deal with and what they do for their career. #labor-and-delivery

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Sequoia Oct 19, 2020 939 views

What are the hours like of a labor and delivery nurse?

I love kids and helping other people.#Labor-and-delivery #nursing

lariah’s Avatar
lariah Oct 31, 2022 256 views

What it like being an labor and delivery nurse ?

like what are the pros and cons of it