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Jeanne Kranig

Manager, Global Procurement
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Roseville, California
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Anya’s Avatar
Anya Apr 15, 2023 419 views

How do I manage school-related stress?

I feel like I’m always overthinking and stressing about school now and in the future, how should I manage this stress?

Patrick’s Avatar
Patrick Apr 05, 2023 2353 views

What are some tips to have a good job interview?

I am a Senior in high school and I want to know how to perform well when I have to attend a job interview.

Sharon’s Avatar
Sharon Apr 17, 2023 813 views

how do i get good at my job?

what needs to be done with what steps.

Katherine’s Avatar
Katherine Apr 11, 2023 746 views

what classes do I need to take during my first 2 years of city college?

If I'm going to community college for 2 years, and I wanna know the classes I need to take to be on track with becoming a pediatrician before I transfer.

Perla’s Avatar
Perla Mar 17, 2023 8311 views

I am studying psychology, can I work towards my teaching credentials with a bachelors in psych?

Can I become a teacher if I only have a bachelors degree in psychology ? or do I need to get another degree in education specifically?

Mariela’s Avatar
Mariela Mar 17, 2023 337 views

What area I can work with a Chicano and Chicana studies degree ?

I’m currently study Chicano and Chicana studies and I have one more year before graduation. I would love to know any jobs that are related to what I am studying. Thanks

Noah’s Avatar
Noah Apr 11, 2023 1942 views

Is it the best option to get a job right after high school ends?

One of the things that have been on my mind for a little bit of time.

Sadie’s Avatar
Sadie Mar 28, 2023 543 views

What high school level classes should I take to pursue education as a career, especially early childhood and special needs?

I am in 8th grade and am picking my highschool courses.