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Raven’s Avatar
Raven Sep 28 142 views

When should I start my career?

When should I start my career? I’m 15 years old I know I have a a lot of potential for my age. Sometimes I think I might be a workaholic. I just really have the urge to work.

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Aug 01 122 views

How do we know what we want to be when we grow up?

Think about some thing you really like doing and make you can find out what you want to be.

yalda’s Avatar
yalda Jul 01 149 views

how hard is it to be a nurse?

hi my name is yald.

Carlee’s Avatar
Carlee Jun 27 183 views

How do you know the right career path for you?

I need help

Kailyn’s Avatar
Kailyn Jun 26 341 views

What do you like/dislike about being a Mechanical Engineer?

What projects have you done? is your team supportive and has good leadership?

Kailyn’s Avatar
Kailyn Jun 26 195 views

Why did you choose to study Mechanical Engineering?

How's a day in the life of a mechanical engineer? Do your co-workers support you? Do you need good leadership skills? What are the benefits/achievements you can earn?

Kailyn’s Avatar
Kailyn Jun 26 130 views

What is the top skill a mechanical engineer must have?

What specific skills do you need and how can you keep improving in the work in general?

Jaylah’s Avatar
Jaylah Jun 21 91 views

What does a typical day for a medical-admin look like?

I want to know what a typical day for a medical admin looks like such as what they generally do in a day, what day-to-day responsibilities they have, do they often stay late working, etc.

Jaylah’s Avatar
Jaylah Jun 21 113 views

What are important things I should know about being a Medical Admin?

I am trying to discover what career path I want to go down and I'm setting my mind on medical admin. I want to know if there are any important things about this job that need to know.

Jaylah’s Avatar
Jaylah Jun 21 136 views

Do you like what you do as a Medical Admin?

My name is Jaylah I want to be a medical admin and I would love to learn more about it and hear if medical admins themselves enjoy what they do.

Andre’s Avatar
Andre Jun 12 212 views

How can AI change our world?

We've all heard about the advancements of AI and how it is changing the field of technology, however, can AI not only change technology, but our world? Will it be positive or negative?

tejaswi’s Avatar
tejaswi Jun 10 121 views

How do I start a bussiness?

I want to build a car company, but not sure what permits i need and how to get started is also a big question.

Angel’s Avatar
Angel May 24 173 views

What are good internship jobs for paleontology ?

Hello my name is Angel and I am a freshman in high school interested in the field of paleontology and wanted to ask professionals in the field what would be a good internship or job that i could take togane some experience. I would also like to know what I could expect in the future when...

Noah’s Avatar
Noah May 21 110 views

How can I make the most of it with the current job I have?

How can I make my current job a better career path for me and my future?

Noah’s Avatar
Noah May 21 179 views

What are some essential classes that can you prepare for your career?

Is there really any classes I can take to prepare my careere?

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