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Alexandria’s Avatar
Alexandria May 25, 2023 1211 views

Does it matter if I go to college or not?

Does it matter if I go to college or not?

Emily’s Avatar
Emily May 20, 2023 521 views

How do I know which college is the best for me without bias?

I would like to be an accountant

Dayami’s Avatar
Dayami May 17, 2023 326 views

What would be a good start to becoming an ultrasound tech?

Any tips or advice would be great! I want to take the right classes in order to help become an ultrasound tech

Lourdes’s Avatar
Lourdes May 23, 2023 586 views

Are you supposed to create a resume for College Applications?

Are you supposed to create a formal sheet of all your work/ volunteer experiences, extra-curricular, etc and submit alongside your college app.?

Asher’s Avatar
Asher May 25, 2023 485 views

What should I do to help start my own company ?

I need advice about company start ups

Ivan’s Avatar
Ivan May 25, 2023 765 views

How do I network in college?

When it comes to engineering careers relating to it I hear that often times people need to network and build connections but how exactly do people do that and how early can I start?