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John Jun 18 272 views

How can I start to learn more about some different kinds of medicine, college, and nursing.?

How can I start to learn more about some different kinds of medicine, college, and nursing. They seem to be a bit interesting to me. Especially nursing.

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Lizeth Jun 16 265 views

How do you choose your specialty/career in Health Care?

Hi, I am a rising senior in high school. I was wondering how people decided on what specific specialty to pursue in the health care. I have always known I wanted to work in something related to health care, but I just don't know what to choose from all the options. If you could please share...

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Niles Jun 11 288 views

What are the best ways to become a pharmacist without a college degree?

From Job Corps

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Priscilla Jun 11 282 views

What made you want to pursue the Medical field? If this was your first career choice, why? Do you have any regrets about joining that I should know about? What is the best place to work when in the medical field?

I'm starting my trade in CMA soon and I'm a bit hesitant and am wondering if I should pursue it or not. I'm wondering if it's worth the work.

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nadine Jun 08 298 views

how can i learn the biology of inscets in college?

biology college tips

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MARKUS May 29 389 views

what benefits and oppurtunity does this career provide such as benefits health care, compensation, etc?

what benefits and opportunity does this career provide such as benefits health care, compensation, etc.?

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Lilly May 29 217 views

If I become a LVN will I have any college credits when I enroll into college to get my bachelors in nursing?

I am going to be certified as a Medical Assistant in about 8 months and I plan to take classes to become a LVN then eventually become a Registered Nurse.

Jacob’s Avatar
Jacob May 29 154 views

I want to get into the medical field but dont know where to go?

Where should I go into the nursing field if I want to make good money and help people at the same time. Without years of experience and years of college?

Rianna’s Avatar
Rianna May 29 154 views

How can I better prepare myself in the medical field?

I'm starting my medical field journey and need tips on how to better prepare and stay motivated.

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Rachel May 28 215 views

How can I become a formula one medic?

I am a senior in high school and I love watching Formula One. I am also planning to pursue a career in medicine, what other steps should I complete to try and make it to Formula One?

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Ruth May 21 78 views

Why is medical cause takes long to graduate?

What factors can be considered before joining college

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Gabriell Bienne May 20 194 views

What are the ways to explore different medical professions in university?

I am a current senior going into a 4-year university, upcoming fall, to pursue my dreams of working in the medical field. I am still unsure of how I find my place in the medical field world. I've heard of behind-the-scenes doctors and those with patient care and want to know more.

Ashly’s Avatar
Ashly May 14 215 views

Im not sure whether to become a nurse or a doctor, should get a RN first and then study to become a doctor? or can i do both at the same time?

I’m just graduating high school and i’m already set to go to a university and study for a major of biology this upcoming fall but i’m scare that i will waist my time because u genuinely have no idea what to do or how to do it.

Abdulaziz mohammed kaid musleh’s Avatar
Abdulaziz mohammed kaid musleh May 06 516 views

How do I obtain a work visa in medical laboratories in the United States?

How do I get a work visa? I am a medical laboratory technician who needs a job in the United States of America

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Joseph May 09 309 views

What is the best career for me ?

I am a student of 21st century high college, I'm interested in knowing the best career for me, I found myself getting attracted to natural things like plants and animals...