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Victoria Apr 16 456 views

How do I get into business adminstration?

I am an eleventh grader who is interested in business administration. I am active in a business club in my school and I would like to know the leads into getting into business administration in college.

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Andrew Apr 25 632 views

Should I work full time during college?

For some background information I'm pretty broke. My family dosen't have the best circumstances and they're trying to invest in a new location for a resteraunt. I'm going to be attending Northeastern Oakland next school year and I'm wondering if I should work more than a federal work study. A...

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Monica Apr 25 565 views

Which is the best real estate course to take?

I would prefer suggestions of online courses. I plan to start this course while I'm in college.

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Oscar Apr 25 707 views

What is something that can help me figure out the career path I would want?

I really enjoy things that i can focus and get into the zone in and i just need to figure out what those things are

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Ebu Apr 26 407 views

How do I start my own bank?

I want to establish my own bank, how do I go about it

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Korbin Apr 17 772 views

What are ways to make the most money in your profession?

What are ways to make the most money in your profession? "honest answers only."

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Daniela Apr 17 535 views

What is the difference between BA and a BS when it comes to business Which one would be better for entrepreneurship??

When I researched business majors I found that there are two different types of degrees, BS and BA. I'm not sure which one would be better for me.

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Danica Mar 09, 2016 1089 views

What entry level job do you recommend I get right out of school if I want to be an executive at an airline one day?

I know I want to work in business, specifically at an airline, and one day I hope to work my way up to the top of a company. I'm just not sure where to start. What job should I seek out of college to set myself up for a future career as an executive? This question was posted by a CareerVillage...