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Chasity’s Avatar
Chasity Sep 01, 2017 589 views

When applying for scholarships and your asked to write a short response up to 500 words do you structure it like a paragraph?

I haven't been but my friends told me I was suppose to. #help #scholarships

Jonah’s Avatar
Jonah Sep 13, 2016 823 views

Does still being in school limit the quality of jobs i can get/apply for?

I'm a senior in undergrad in NYC and looking for job opportunities #internships #economics #political-science #political-campaigns

Collin’s Avatar
Collin May 18, 2016 1273 views

I am an Economics major and wondering what would be a great minor?

My name is Collin and I attend Virginia Tech. I am majoring in Economics and was looking at a few different minors, either Marketing or Leadership. #economics

Daria’s Avatar
Daria May 22, 2016 765 views

Is it worth choosing a choosing a college with a lower-quality degree program because it has extracurriculars a school with a higher-quality degree program does not?

I'm looking at schools with good engineering programs because that is my intended major. However, extracurriculars like choral and theatrical groups are highly important to me as well. Is it worth forgoing a school like MIT just because MIT's extracurriclars are lacking? #extracurriculars...

Quinn’s Avatar
Quinn May 24, 2016 1075 views

In your opinion what is the best minor or language to pair with an economics major?

I would like to graduate with a minor to pair with my major. I am also considering taking up a foreign language. #college #college-major #economics

jordan’s Avatar
jordan Sep 28, 2017 728 views

What major or course of study should I follow to become a diplomat?

I want to be diplomat. I am a current high school sophomore and I would like to know what classes I should take to better prepare myself now in high school for that track? In addition, what course of study I should follow in college to prepare myself for that career track? #politics...

Saisha’s Avatar
Saisha May 24, 2016 1223 views

I am a rising college freshman in International Policy; however, I believe that every job requires some sort of technical skills, so I was curious whether it is wise to take a computer science minor or just take a few classes to gain those skills?

I am very concerned about future job opportunities. I am attending Georgetown university in the fall, and I want to maximize my skills for the future job market. #computer-science #government #job-market #international-affairs #technical #foreign-policy

zarah’s Avatar
zarah May 27, 2016 1148 views

What type of jobs does an economics degree lead to?

I am trying to figure out my major for undergraduate studying. #college #professor #economics

Kathleen’s Avatar
Kathleen May 19, 2016 1079 views

What kind of salary can I make after college with a degree in Economics?

I know there are many different career paths for people with degrees in Economics but from your experience, what kinds of salaries are available to recent graduates with degrees in Econ? #business #finance #accounting #job #economics #salary #financial-planning