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Ivana’s Avatar
Ivana Nov 21, 2023 1036 views

In consulting, do you have to get your own clients?

Hi I'm a first year college student and I'm considering consulting as a career or advisory such as financial planner. But I do NOT like reaching out to people and the idea of trying to get clients on my own. Is this the only way to get clients or do some firms do that for you?

Thank you

Gabrielle’s Avatar
Gabrielle Jun 21, 2023 339 views

How do you budget money?

I am a freshman in high school

Analisa’s Avatar
Analisa Jun 13, 2023 302 views

Taxes? How do I learn about them and get through them? #Spring23

As an upcoming adult in the world taxes seem daunting and something I should be knowledgeable about but where do I start what should I know?

Andrea’s Avatar
Andrea Jun 16, 2023 383 views

Is consulting for me?

I'm a current Junior in College, debating if consulting is the perfect fit for me. I'm currently interning for one of the big four and the work they're giving me is making me feel doubtful and overwhelmed.

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Jun 19, 2023 370 views

When should I get an MBA? After I have had a full-time job or right after undergrad?

I am a rising junior in college and I am also wondering if I should take the GRE as opposed to the GMAT.

Genevieve’s Avatar
Genevieve Jul 26, 2022 721 views

Are all MBA programs the same?

Do they cover the same topics, or do some programs specialize in one particular area( e.g. economics, accounting, etc.)

Abhisri’s Avatar
Abhisri Sep 08, 2021 583 views

GWC: Where can I get an instructor for Girls Who Code Club at my school?

HI I am in the process of setting up the GWC Club at my school. Is there anyway we can have an Instructor (Online) who can guide us in coding at the club? That will be more helpful to be productive in the club. Any advice will be helpful. #information-technology #computer-software...

JUNGYOUNG Jul 30, 2021 673 views

To be a Fron-end developer what path can I pursue?

I've been learning programing languages (HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT) for about seven months. I take Khan academy, freecode camp etc.
Is there any good way to prepare to get a job as a Front-end developer?
#information-technology #get a job #learning methods #web developer #self taught

Nick’s Avatar
Nick Oct 26, 2020 567 views

What are some of the advantages of having a job in manufacturing?

My name is Nick, I am eighteen, and I am looking into manufacturing jobs. # manufacturing #consulting #jobs

Edward’s Avatar
Edward Oct 27, 2020 874 views

In Gerenal are most Finance Careers worth the pay in your opinion?

Im in 9th grade and I am interested in finance careers but they seem like alot of hard work crunching numbers. #career #worth #finance #pay

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Jul 24, 2020 2213 views

What are the strengths of an accountant?


Bahara’s Avatar
Bahara Jan 07, 2020 2882 views

I am Majoring in Accounting and I am struggling with my Accounting courses.

I am in my third year of university and I have to decide before it 's too late. I am planning to switch my major in Accounting into minor and major in international business. I need some advise regarding the employment of my chosen minor and major. Moreover, I need guidance if I am making the...

Madison’s Avatar
Madison Sep 06, 2019 714 views

Are too many or too few entering this profession?

#professional #medicine #healthcare #senior #SA

Anaya’s Avatar
Anaya Sep 17, 2019 724 views

What parts of your job do you find challenging

#business #accounting #finance

Anaya’s Avatar
Anaya Sep 17, 2019 736 views

What companies or industries do you think I should target

#accounting #business #finance