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Michael W. Jul 28, 2016 1741 views

How do you "small talk" in socal situations to keep it from getting awkward?

I was recently in a meeting with a judge hopping she would be my mentor to help me into the field of law and i think there were many times when we had those awkward silence moments and i just hope that my terrible social skills didn't mess it up. #business #social #networking...


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Bolu M. Aug 18, 2016 663 views

I'm an architectural student but I want to cross over to cosmetology

I have always loved the idea of owning a spa but for some reasons I ended up studying architecture. I thought I could still study for cosmetology at least on a minimal level but it turns out architecture is taking all my time. I want to stop studying architecture and focus on what I had in...

#cosmetologist #business #architecture #spa #counselor #beautician

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Abbas E. Sep 28, 2016 658 views

How important are grades/GPA for obtaining a job in this field?

how much of a difference does a good or bad GPA make when applying for a job #computer #management #marketing...


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Gabriela C. Dec 14, 2016 756 views

Will computer programming help me in business?

I am kind of interested in learning some computer programming but I do not know if it would be helpful and if so is there any specific programs that will help me in my career ? #business #computer...


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Ena W. Mar 15, 2017 394 views

Why business school has higher tuition than other faculties?

As undergraduate, I think business students usually pay more. Is it useful for our study or career path?...


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Damon A. Jan 19, 2018 324 views

What would be a good job to get with my credentials?

I am certified in Microsoft Office Specialist Powerpoint, Word, Excel, and Outlook. I am having trouble finding jobs that are looking for my certifications to work for them so I can work on paying for college. #business #microsoft-office...


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Alicia S. Mar 20, 2018 345 views

How do you get people to approach you in networking situations?

I know it's important to approach others when networking, but I feel like some people are always attracting others to them. What could I do to be that person? #networking...


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Maggie W. Aug 24, 2018 301 views

What is the most challenging aspect to opening your own business?

I've graduated high school a year early and I am ready to make my dream come true. I've had a vision of a coffee shop that is truly unique compared to others I've seen. After my gap year, I plan on getting my associates in business, then proceeding to fulfill my dream. I have so many questions...

#business #businesswoman #gapyear #businessmanagement #coffeeshop

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Brennan F. Nov 22, 2019 135 views