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Renee M. May 13, 2016 514 views

How important is it to know Spanish for a degree in social work?

I'm wondering if I should just take classes in college or actually become fluent. #work...


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Kelsie S. May 13, 2016 566 views

After receiving my double bachelor's degree, how can I stand out when applying for teaching positions?

I plan to major in Human Development and Family Science through North Dakota State University, as well as Elementary Education through Valley City State University. I have also considered possibly minoring in Special Education, would this be wise?...


Tre G.’s Avatar
Tre G. May 13, 2016 581 views

Can I be a teacher and policewoman at the same time?

I am 8 years old. When I grow up I want to teach kindergarten and be a police officer. I also want to work at the Boys and Girls Club. #teaching...


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Hannah S. May 15, 2016 414 views

How do I deduct student loans from my taxes when I am filing my taxes?

I am just really curious because my friend had lots of student loan debt and she was able to deduct her student loan interest from her taxes....


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Jesus M. May 15, 2016 590 views

Any regrets?

I'm about to start college to study culinary arts, I would like to know if there is a chef or cook out there that regrets not doing something that I should do in college so I won't regret it later on in life. #culinary-arts...


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m T. May 16, 2016 412 views

How can i clear the concept of maps in social subject ?

Because i can understand the maps in social subject ....


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Jeremy C. May 16, 2016 549 views

Is Food Science a prospective major with huge market demands for Food Science Career Workers?

I am majoring in Food Science in wish to know the easiness to apply for jobs after graduating especially in good companies like Nestle Kraft and etc. Thanks guys #job #job-search #job-market #food-service...


Sophia T.’s Avatar
Sophia T. May 16, 2016 389 views

Would it be better working in the United States or working in America?

Hello, i recently studied abroad in the United Kingdom and i see that the value of the dollar is way higher over here and everyone is making more, minimum wage is higher, education is easier to get, and theres a variety of living standards. I am from the United States so maybe someone can give...

#united-kingdom #biology #psychology

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lisa P. May 21, 2016 923 views

ACROSS ALL FIELDS Why do you love your job?

Many people hate their jobs, almost everyone longs for weekends, I get that. But what got you into your profession in the first place? What did you study in college and how did that affect your career? And why do you love your job? Is it working with people? Being creative? The high pay? All...

#fashion #programming #finance #art #design #engineering #architecture

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Maggie T. May 21, 2016 444 views

art education

what is the best way to help a child struggling with creativity?...


Duy N.’s Avatar
Duy N. May 21, 2016 470 views


So how does one find what they are passionate about, what major they want to go in. Im not sure about that. As of right now im considering physics because of astrophysics. When you find what you are passionate about and take the courses for that major do you ever struggle, or ask yourself "Is...


m M.’s Avatar
m M. May 21, 2016 491 views

how i can improve my spoken english

i am unable to speak english...


s S.’s Avatar
s S. May 21, 2016 372 views

How to get more intrast for my studes

becase i want to get in...

Joseph A.’s Avatar
Joseph A. May 25, 2016 466 views

Can someone who starts out as a Mechanical Engineer advance to become a CEO and would they still be able to practice engineering?

My dream is to someday own a company and I would like to know if I could still practice while doing so...