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Management Occupations - Computer and Mathematical Occupations
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Jaiden’s Avatar
Jaiden Dec 07, 2023 755 views

A good path for Computer Science?

I am looking to find a career in computer Science and technology. My experience in this subject is fairly limited as I have just now been looking for good career path in Computer science.

Sean’s Avatar
Sean Dec 07, 2023 413 views

How do we know if computer science is a good major for us?

Is computer science a good major in college?

Eric’s Avatar
Eric Jul 27, 2023 935 views

How do I get started in the tech industry coming from an unrelated field Are there any real pay to learn opportunities??

For the better part of a year I have been learning HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, and Swift. I am still relatively novice but Im learning quickly. The trouble is that I cant dedicate enough time to truly practice my skills because I am too busy at my other job. I am in a position in my life to...

Chikaima’s Avatar
Chikaima May 17, 2023 647 views

What skills do you need if you want to become a software engineer?

I'm curious about the skills you need if you want to become a software engineer

Emilio’s Avatar
Emilio May 11, 2023 288 views

my Name Is Emilio T I'm currently in high school . I'm conducting a interview with any professional in the field of Computer programming I will be asking 10 questions today

1.What made you do this this Career? 2.What did you do to prepare for this career? 3. What classes would you recommend to take? 4. What company do you work for? 5.What skills prepared you for this job? 6. What college/training program did you go to and what influenced your choice? 7. How much...

zaire’s Avatar
zaire May 05, 2023 371 views

what motivates engineers to start doing what they do ?

technology engineering

CareerVillage Office Hours’s Avatar
CareerVillage Office Hours Apr 28, 2023 533 views

Should I look for a new role or continue to develop my knowledge base?

Hi guys, I graduated in computer science with my first class 5 years ago now, and ever since, I've had 2 roles as a software engineer but in reality, it was PHP roles. At my first role, I worked in PHP 7 and Bootstrap 4. In that role, I created websites and even API. In the 2nd job, Iworked...

Allan’s Avatar
Allan Apr 19, 2023 666 views

When should I as a undergraduate student start prepping for real world job experience in my field, which is Computer Science, as a programmer/software developer?

This year in the fall, I will be starting college as a Freshman, how should I start preparing for job-placement, when I graduate in 4 years?

Naziyat’s Avatar
Naziyat Apr 25, 2023 597 views

What does it like to be an Electrical Engineering ?

I have a interest in both math and engineering. I want to know how people work on this kind of field especially electrical engineering. How does a day go in a office of a engineer and if you like it, why do you like it? In university which subject do i have to study with the most importance in...

Danielle’s Avatar
Danielle Oct 29, 2019 1449 views

What is the most successful route to go with IT? (Information Technology)

#Computers #information-technology #computer #technology

yashvi’s Avatar
yashvi Jan 08, 2020 766 views

what is diffrence between applied mathematic and information technology

#technology #computer