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Katie Schwartz, CCC-SLP

speech-language pathologist
Educational Instruction and Library Occupations - Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations
Durham, North Carolina
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Peter Apr 30 407 views

How to build a career in English?

How to build a career in English

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Amparo Apr 20 150 views

What Are The Requirements To Become A SLP?

The reason I’m wondering this is because I wanted to become a Speech Language Pathologist and I wanted to know what it takes in order to become one. I want to know what types of schools and Subjects I need to do in order to become one?

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mark Mar 26 415 views

why should i choose the best career?

career tips?

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Natalie Mar 08 288 views

How long would I have to attend college to become an Elementary teacher?

How long would I have to attend college to become an Elementary teacher? (Does it matter what college?)


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Sydney Sep 26, 2023 323 views

How many teachers will i work with if im a teacher ?

lots of other teachers

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Kayla Oct 11, 2023 351 views

What do I do if I am not doing well in my classes because my teachers are giving too much work?

Yes, I get it, I'm a Junior, but it is way too much for me because I have things out of school going on and it is just a lot to think about when I have things going on outside of school. At my school, we have this thing called Advisory where we take a period in our day to work on assignments,...

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Jerresa Oct 31, 2023 1987 views

How do i determine what career i want to pursue after Highschool?

I am in 12th grade and i feel like im unprepared for graduate life. I also want to do a lot of things after high school and i feel like no knowing an exact one is stressful

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Rich Oct 20, 2023 1358 views

How would you know your perfect job?

Hello, How would you know if you found the perfect job/career for yourself?

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Iqra Apr 17, 2020 6808 views

What would you say the most difficult part of your job is?

Everything has pros and cons, what are the cons of your job?
#career #job #healthcare #medicine #employment #police #tech

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Iqra Apr 17, 2020 695 views

What jobs in the medical field involve working with the elderly?

I'm not entirely sure if a "geriatric" is a doctor type but it sounds interesting. #doctor #medicine #medical #healthcare

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Charlene Apr 16, 2020 1157 views

Is audiology a good career? I’m deciding between that and physical therapy and chiropractic. I’m really nervous about choosing one these career paths because I want to be able to find a job.

My name is Charlene and im confused on what career path I should take due to interest’ Job growth/availability, and money. #career #job #career-choice #career-counseling