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Civic Duty

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Ethan’s Avatar
Ethan Oct 25, 2016 1315 views

I am having a hard time deciding between architectural engineering and civil engineering.

Can you say some pros and cons of each? #civil-engineering #architecture #architectural-engineering

Noemi’s Avatar
Noemi Oct 20, 2016 1003 views

When looking into careers in Engineering, how should I determine what exact kind of engineering I want to study? Such as civil, chemical, and/or mechanical?

I am very intrigued with achieving a major in engineering, but I am not sure in what exact expertise I am interested in and would like to hear multiple perspectives on this matter. #mechanical-engineering #civil-engineering #electrical-engineering #industrial-engineering #women #engine

Anna’s Avatar
Anna Oct 22, 2016 943 views

I'm planning on getting an engineering degree and then going into the medical field to become a doctor. Is biomedical engineering the best course of action for me, or is there another engineering field that would both interest and be beneficial for me?

I've been involved with the Math, Engineering, and Science Academy at my high school for the past four years and absolutely loved it. I love physics and I love the engineering classes offered at my school; however I've always been entranced with the prospect of being a doctor. I'd like to go to...

Jose’s Avatar
Jose Oct 23, 2016 609 views

What steps did you take to get where you are now? Being an environmental engineer.

Millennial concerned about global warming and wants to pursue a career in environmental engineering. #environmental-engineering

Hunter’s Avatar
Hunter Oct 25, 2016 606 views

As a civil engineer, what type of computer interaction do you have. Specifically, do you write your own programs for building designs? Do you work with an interacting 3D designing system? If not either of these options, how do you come up with blueprints?

Civil Engineering is my dream job but I love making computer programs and working with computers. I am very curious as to how much civil engineers work with computers and what that specifically looks like. #civil-engineering

Cristiano’s Avatar
Cristiano Oct 23, 2016 1041 views

What would be the best skill to achieve in college before becoming a civil engineer?

I am a freshman in college who is studying civil engineering. And I would like to know what would be the best skill in college to learn and take with me throughout my career as a civil engineer. #college #engineering #technology #civil-engineering #architecture #construction...

Jose’s Avatar
Jose Oct 23, 2016 874 views

What is it like being an environmental engineer and what kind of impact do you have for the future?

Millennial concerned with global warming and everyone's future. #environmental-engineering

sultan’s Avatar
sultan May 03, 2016 949 views

How do i become a Civil Engineer .

I have completed my 10th std, so which course is suitable for me to become a civil engineer. #civil-engineer

jinsung’s Avatar
jinsung Oct 20, 2016 1173 views

To what extent does engineering background required you to be skilled in the analysis of technical reports or information?

I am ambitious senior in high school who wants to explore the opportunities that is available for me to grab onto. I want/need to know how skilled i need to be to pursue the goal I have. #mechanical-engineering #civil-engineering #architecture #architectural-engineering

Jacob’s Avatar
Jacob Oct 23, 2016 2549 views

On average, how many hours a week are Civil engineers working outside of their office?

I'm not one for being stuck inside all day, and would like to know how often Civil Engineers get to work on a job site.

Rebecca’s Avatar
Rebecca Oct 18, 2016 2758 views

How much of physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics are used in environmental engineering (each)? Is the field generally enjoyable for someone with a love of physics and math? Do environmental engineers spend much of their time at their work outside?

As a devoted environmentalist and vegetarian, I believe improving the environment is absolutely my purpose in math. As I have a passion for physics and mathematics (particularly calculus), engineering seems to be my best fit for my science expertise. However, I am undecided on whether simply...

Myranda’s Avatar
Myranda Oct 18, 2016 908 views

What career choices are offered?

When studying for a degree in environmental engineering, what sorts of career choices open up? #career-choice #environment #environmental-engineering

Jacob’s Avatar
Jacob Oct 13, 2016 1609 views

How did you decide what type of engineering was right for you?

I am a senior in high school and I think that I want to major in engineering but I'm not sure what type. Right now I am leaning more towards civil engineering, but I am just unsure what I can do to see what type of engineering is right for me. #engineering #mechanical-engineering...

Trebeon’s Avatar
Trebeon May 05, 2016 724 views

Whats The Best College to go to if you wanna be an engineer

I Wanna Go To The Best College Possible #engineer

Shekar’s Avatar
Shekar May 05, 2016 645 views

Which course is suitable for Mechanical Engineering

i have completed 10th, so i want to became Mechanical Engineer, please help me which course is suitable for Mechanical Engineering #engineer