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Alex H.’s Avatar
Alex H. 17 hours ago 18 views

Does your major in college have to relate to your future career?

Is it possible to have a career in another department that is significantly college career-choice major different compared to your...

John M.’s Avatar
John M. 10 mins ago

Following Up With Sample of Relevant Academic Work

Hello, I have drafted an e-mail to send my psychology professor but I am nervous to send it. The professor researches a topic that is significant to me, and what I hope to research in my career. I have good rapport with this professor, and we speak with each other on a first name basis as per...

professor psychology email university research

Justin R.’s Avatar
Justin R. yesterday 9 views

what is the training like when becoming a plumber ?

i want understand the difficulties and whats training like. plumber...


Sam S.’s Avatar
Sam S. 1 hour ago

How long should you delay meeting with a recruiter that reached out to you?

A recruiter recently reached out to me about a possible position because someone from the company referred her to me. I never applied for this specific position, I'm actually waiting to hear back about another position I interviewed for at this same company. I also had someone on LinkedIn who...

career job-search recruiter job

Abinaya S.’s Avatar
Abinaya S. Jun 29, 2016 1037 views
Bryson H.’s Avatar
Bryson H. Oct 19 85 views

What are some drawback of being a computer programmer?

I am a sophomore in high school, who is taking college courses for programming right now from a local college. I have been interested in coding since 8th grade and now I feel like that is what my future will be. computer programming computer-programming computer-software computer-science...

program tech technology microcomputerapplications

Ian C.’s Avatar
Ian C. Aug 21, 2019 275 views
Manuel O.’s Avatar
Manuel O. Nov 08 38 views

How do I get more clients when I start cutting hair.

Hey, My name is Manuel. Im a student at Burton high in San Francisco CA. I want to become a barber and cut hair professionally . I know most of the basics in barbering but what I still don't know is how am I going to get clients. Or how will find enough people to cut their hair so I can...


Cameron S.’s Avatar
Cameron S. Oct 08 141 views

Is a diesel mechanic have a good work enviorment?

I want to be a diesel mechanic diesel mechanical-engineer mechanical mechanics engineering engineer. I've always wanted to do this and was wondering if it was something I should try, this would tell me a...

Gabriela M.’s Avatar
Gabriela M. Oct 12, 2018 307 views

Is there anywhere I can get my essays reviewed for free?

I don't have a job and I don't want to bother my English teacher with essays that aren't written for her class. Are there any other websites/people/etc. I could get my essays reviewed for free? essay feedback essay-feedback...


Jalen L.’s Avatar
Jalen L. 19 hours ago 57 views

How do I stay focused on completing work in a short amount of time?

I tend to lose focus on work that take a lot of steps to complete or find evidence for. I can be easily distracted and I type and write slower than average. Is there any way for me to help finish quickly while getting a good grade on my work?...


Samira M.’s Avatar
Samira M. Oct 26 41 views

I want to become a high fashion, runway model, where do I start?

I want to become a runway model and apart from getting my digitalis, headshots etc. done how should I start? Is it worth it to find an agent? fashion...


Ella H.’s Avatar
Ella H. 10 hours ago 14 views

Should I quit my middle schools band

Being in band is really stressful and is a lot of pressure and it feels like a requirement at this point and I do not really enjoy it and honestly it doesn’t help my confidence at all...


Faith H.’s Avatar
Faith H. Oct 09 177 views

What jobs can someone with a learning disability do?

Hi my name is Faith and I’m 21 and I also have a learning disability and it’s been hard for me to get a job because of the way I talk in an interview was hard for me to talk in an interview interviews job-application work But mainly I want to work like in fast food or a daycare or as a...

career interviewing-skills job

Isha I.’s Avatar
Isha I. May 20, 2020 311 views

How can I earn by sitting at home?

Working as a content creator, As a stylist and a makeup artist, skilled human searching for a goid job to support my family. artist career job...


Tanveer A.’s Avatar
Tanveer A. Apr 24, 2020 432 views

How to earn while studying?

I am a student off accounting and finance. I belong to Tharparkar, a remote area of Pakistan. I am a scholarship holder at Sukkur IBA Univeristy. finance accounting...


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