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michaela H. Mar 25, 2019 353 views
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Yuliana C. Mar 22, 2019 168 views
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Jennah R. Oct 24, 2016 491 views

Did you struggle to finish medical school?

Going to school for years can be exhausting. I want to know what you did to motivate yourself in finishing medical school and what you struggled at. #doctor #medicine #neuroscience...


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Chelsea M. Aug 25, 2018 205 views
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christin J. Mar 25, 2019 929 views
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natalie L. Mar 21, 2019 147 views
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bailey P. Mar 22, 2019 165 views
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Natalie L. Mar 25, 2019 250 views
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juan V. Mar 25, 2019 142 views
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deliliah M. Mar 21, 2019 116 views

how much money does a physical therapist make?

i just want to know how much money does a physical therapist...

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Roxsana M. Mar 22, 2019 302 views
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Claudia G. Mar 21, 2019 150 views
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Marc M. Mar 22, 2019 285 views

Are are the best universities to pursue a degree in engineering

I want to become an aerospace engineer...


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kolby K. Mar 22, 2019 123 views

What kinda of jobs will someone get working as an economist?

What is the typical salary of someone working as an economist? what do economist do and what is required to be...

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Natalie V. Mar 25, 2019 188 views
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Natalie V. Mar 21, 2019 259 views
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Ryder M. Mar 22, 2019 166 views

Do all chemical companies offer job site training after attending a college for process technology?

My brother works for DOW Chemical ad after he was hired he went through a little bit of training and i was just curios if all chemical plants offered it. #chemistry #dow #chemical #chemical-plants...


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Anthony C. Mar 22, 2019 226 views
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Miguel S. Mar 21, 2019 247 views
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Tyler H. Mar 22, 2019 168 views

What are some things that can make a mechanic stand out in the automotive industry?

Because after I graduate high school I plan on becoming a mechanic in the future...


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john M. Mar 22, 2019 83 views
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deliliah M. Mar 22, 2019 100 views

what kind of mechanic jobs make around $150,000 a year or more?

I want to be a mechanic of some kind but still be able to support six kids or more....


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Shelby L. Mar 22, 2019 227 views
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Christian C. Mar 21, 2019 151 views

Do dental hygienist make good money?

I like...

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Anna K. Mar 25, 2019 188 views
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daniel H. Mar 25, 2019 141 views

Do you need a Degree to be a Mechanic?

Iv'e seen so many mechanics in my town that don't have a degree and just get a job as one. Is it possible to just get hired in a shop? #engineering...


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