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Fairfield, Connecticut

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Ryan’s Avatar
Ryan Feb 16 855 views

I want to pursue a career WAYYYY out of the scope of my college major. (Dance to Cybersecurity) What sort of work or opportunities should I look for?

I have reached a point where I'm about to graduate from college and I have found the need to make a very hard and fast pivot out of the dance industry. I've always had a knack for computers and tech tinkering. I recently stumbled across Cybersecurity and got my CompTIA Security+ certification....

Iqra’s Avatar
Iqra Feb 16 556 views

What types of internships/jobs can I get as a Public Health Graduate ?

I am a recent graduate from SBU with a BS in health science and a concentration in public health. In the future I want to get my masters but for now what are my options for internships/jobs? I want to work within the field as an entry level to really get an idea. Thankyou!

Janavi’s Avatar
Janavi Feb 12 1948 views

Does band and arts give you an advantage for college, even if music isn't your major or minor?

Next year, I'm in the 9th grade and I would like to major in either Pre-Med or Biology. I also take band and I'm in the marching band and planning to take it for the next 4 years. I'm wondering if that factor will give me an edge on my college application and if it will benefit me later. Thanks!

Pam’s Avatar
Pam Feb 12 660 views

What class/classes would be best to take in high school if I am interested in becoming a social worker?

I am in 9th grade and want to know what classes I should take during my last few years of high school.

Lilia’s Avatar
Lilia Feb 03 623 views

What job can you get after doing nursing program or BSN in college ?

Can I get a job as a nurse after college or do I need to go to nursing school and take the test? And is it a wise decision to study nursing in college, get a job and then take the MCAT and apply for med school? I’m a confused soul please help!

mya’s Avatar
mya Jan 27 623 views

How do you get into prestigious medical schools?

I want to go to John’s Hopkins medical school in the future and I am an A student

laniya’s Avatar
laniya Jan 24 797 views

How does a career in health care effect your mental health?

I want to be a peds nurse or anesthetists I know working in a career like that can be very tolling.

Anita’s Avatar
Anita Jan 22 694 views

HELP! Which is better: UCONN or MCPHS?

I'm currently a high school senior amidst the college application/decision process. As of right now, my top 2 schools include University of Connecticut and Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. I understand that both schools are vastly different from one another but there are...

Divina’s Avatar
Divina Jan 22 1087 views

Is princeton good college for law?

is princeton good college for law does anyone who gets there and study law achieve goal?

Stephanie’s Avatar
Stephanie Jan 20 822 views

what is best source to learn programming?

what is best source to learn programming?

Divina’s Avatar
Divina Jan 19 1184 views

What college accepts FBI, Lawyer, and Surgeon?

What college do you believe is good for me to attend and study law. I also want to be a FBI or surgeon. So I wanted to know what college an IVY league college that accepts all these career jobs?

A’s Avatar
A Jan 10 569 views

What are the first steps to jump-starting a career in wildlife conversation?

Wild-life rehab, Eclosure builds

Stephen’s Avatar
Stephen Dec 26, 2023 535 views

What are some tips and tricks to get through senior year ?

need some help

Joy’s Avatar
Joy Dec 25, 2023 929 views

What is essential for successfully choosing a career in medicine?

I've always wanted to pursue a career in medicine and that has not changed. But, I want to create a life for myself where I'm financially stable and happy. So, how do you choose a career that makes enough to support your lifestyle while maintaining a happy life.

Omolara’s Avatar
Omolara Dec 22, 2023 404 views

how do I get to know more about money?

how do I get better grades in school

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