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Greenfield, California

Within 40 mile radius
kathlyn’s Avatar
kathlyn Oct 12, 2022 521 views

I have some questions to ask?

what would i have to be prepared for to become a veterinarian.

what kind of classes would i have to take to be ready for this kind of career.

Why did you want to become a veterinarian, was it the first thing you wanted to do for a career.

Nathaly’s Avatar
Nathaly Oct 12, 2022 508 views

What related fields do you think I should consider looking into, and why are they good second choices, instead of a dentist?

My second choice if dentistry doesn't end up working well for me in the end is medical assistant.

Nathaly’s Avatar
Nathaly Oct 12, 2022 413 views

What steps would you recommend I take to prepare to enter the dentistry field?

I want to start preparing as much as I can for my future career. I hope to get some information to be well educated in the dentistry industry.

Nathaly’s Avatar
Nathaly Oct 12, 2022 545 views

In your opinion, how difficult is it for recent graduates of a college or job training program to get hired for a dentist job in the region of Salinas?

I'm currently in the Job Corps program, and I wanted more information on the career I want to peruse.

sergio’s Avatar
sergio Sep 22, 2022 282 views

Whats some good advice for a future carpenter?

I graduate high school
I liked my Pre-engineering class and my Ag mechanics

sergio’s Avatar
sergio Sep 22, 2022 349 views

What are the requirements to be coming a good electrician

whats some good advice for a future electrician besides getting shocked?

Raymond’s Avatar
Raymond Aug 14, 2019 419 views

how is your business benefiting your everyday life for the better and happier tomarrow

student #student

fatima’s Avatar
fatima Apr 25, 2019 467 views

I want to pursue two careers but I'm not sure if that's possible. I want to become a doctor and own and work in my own beauty salon, any suggestions or advice?


Ashley’s Avatar
Ashley Mar 14, 2019 865 views

Could you become a nurse with a biology major?

What would I do after I achieve a bio major? #major #biology #college-major #nurse

Ashley’s Avatar
Ashley Aug 31, 2018 528 views

Do universities really care if you are in associated student body?

If you are the Vice President, President.. #students

Ashley’s Avatar
Ashley Aug 31, 2018 626 views

What should you do in high school in order to become a doctor in the future?

#doctor #high-school

Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer Sep 01, 2017 709 views

What if you have decided on the career you want, but are having second guesses?

Well I'm currently going to school to became an elementary teacher, but with the political environment that I am in now, I'm not sure it would be good idea....

Do you think I should continue and get my credential, try it out and if I still don't like then go back to school?


Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer Sep 01, 2017 738 views

Where can I find good scholarships for STEM based majors?

This year I am a senior and as time quickly passes more pressure is put on me to apply for scholarships. Finding good scholarships would allow me to become less nervous about college. Also, STEM majors can be very costly. I would appreciate the help a lot!! #biology #women-in-stem

Michaela ’s Avatar
Michaela Sep 01, 2017 648 views

How do I brake the bad habit of procrastination.

This happens to me a lot. Especially in math class. I want to do the work and I plan about it, but sometimes I get to distracted. I want to do better to change my life so I can influence and help others as well.#sociology #music #theatre

Alyssa’s Avatar
Alyssa Oct 25, 2016 1307 views

How do you think the increasing environmental issues of the planet will impact the field of environmental science and studies?

I have been interested in studying the environment since my freshman year in high school when I took my first environmental biology class and wonder how the ever increasing issues that the environment today is facing will end up changing various parts of the study. For example, job...

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